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Odds Are In Favor Of This Betting Site

If you’re a sports fan like me, you’ve shuffled off summer’s field in 2014 with a nasty soccer addiction. So many exciting finishes in the latest World Cup. And now what? Wait four more years for more thrills?



As more and more Americans are learning, there’s plenty to keep the heart racing before the next crowning tournament by following Barclays Premier League soccer. And if you really want to ante up on the kicks (geddit?) and your obsession, you should check out FanBet.




FanBet is a website for staying up on all the latest Premier League action and for betting on matches. Sorta. FanBet doesn’t facilitate any real money bets. It’s not an actual betting or gambling site – though it works like one in many ways, with all the perks of placing fantasy bets minus the risk of sleazy dudes with giant thugs at their shoulder coming after you for money. Here’s how:


Each week, members receive free credits. Members use the credits to place bets on matches, or fixtures (if you really want to become an aficionado of the sport). FanBet tracks all the bets and fixture results, and then generates a leaderboard. Here comes another adrenaline rush…


The top 10 players each week win real cash prizes.


Of course, FanBet sets members up for seeing improved betting returns with actual bookmakers by aggregating real-time odds from reputable sources. It’s also easy to track worldwide leaders and weekly winners – betting histories are kept on transparent record. That  also means you can follow the highest winners, literally follow after them and mimic their bets, and increase your chances of winning. (Those who place bets first gain an advantage.)


Pros can opt to follow links to bookmakers, and place real money bets. For fans who are all about the fixtures and entertainment, they’re in the right spot as well. FanBet lists upcoming games (with countdowns to start times) and league standings. Have the latest of your favorite club displayed prominently at the top of the page if you like.




What are sports without a hearty dose of extracurricular talk? FanBet supplies forums for general chatter, team news, transfer rumors, trending conversations and more. Challenge your friends or other players to pick the winners, and compete against each other in the weekly standings.


Premier league betting tips, media center, real-time odds comparisons, social network, live scoreboard, and live market stats, betting game with cash prizes – FanBet provides just about everything you could ask for surrounding Premier League soccer short of guaranteeing your favorite club the title.


All right, let’s catch our breath. We’ll need it so we can scream along with the broadcaster after the next goal. Step in front of the net at


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Author : Keith Liles

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