Facebook Camera App Vs Instagram

Facebook has created their own Instagram-like app; the Facebook Camera App. Set up like its predecessor, Instagram, (which Facebook actually bought), The Facebook Camera allows for the users to take pictures anywhere and upload them to Facebook. And now you are asking yourself, which one is better, Facebook Camera App or Instagram? The answer is quite simple, it depends on what you’re into.


Essentially It’s The Same Feed

Upon using Facebook Camera you will notice that the feed looks quite similar to Instagram’s feed, with only a few differences that set the two apart. For instance Facebook Camera “comment” and “like” option are laid over the image. As oppose to sitting below the image as it does in Instagram.

What About The Filters

Both apps have the option to choose to add a filter to pictures. The difference lies at the the top of the mobile phone screen. As you will notice, Instagram makes use of a top bar, Facebook cam does not. So you will see a little more of your picture with Facebook. Both apps uses the bottom bar, no difference there.

Facebook camera may have one issue, it adds a drop shadow to the image. Maybe this would pose a problem to some? Just depends on the person’s preference.



Do You Like It On Top Or Bottom

As you are removing your minds from the gutter, Let’s refer to the UI ribbon of Instagram versus the lack of a UI ribbon in Facebook. Instagram ribbon sits at the bottom, displaying five options, all are easily recognizable, especially the camera option. Facebook does not make use of the ribbon. This creates a problem because the camera option sits only at the top and scrolling through hundreds of pictures to make the climb back to the top can cause a perfect picture to be forever lost. The choice is yours, top or bottom.

Who’s Got The Power?

Facebook’s interface capitalizes on Instagram’s simplicity. For those who used Intagram, you know that it is a very simple, straight forward app to take pictures and share them. Facebook app allow for you to tag people, unlike Instagram. Likewise you can upload multiple pictures at one time using the Facebook camera. And just like the newly improved Facebook Messenger, Facebook Camera is a stand-alone app.



Will the Facebook Camera take over Intagram? Does not seem like it at the moment. But for now there are two camera options. Which app will best suit your needs?


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