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F5Dog – The Website Monitoring Tool That’s Man’s Best Friend

What’s a site that you follow regularly, in order to keep up with the updates? Maybe it’s an auction on eBay or your local public transportation’s site or a particular Wikipedia page. Maybe you need to monitor something really closely for your business, like making sure the menu for your café is updated or you want to know when the latest software for your favorite program has been released.



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There are potentially thousands of sites that one person could be keeping track of during any particular time period and juggling all of those updates can be a wicked pain in the butt. You’ve got email blasts and toggling from tab to tab and any of a million other possible little things taking up your valuable time.


To solve that problem (and save you time), the guys over at Convextra created a new website monitoring tool called F5Dog.




What does it do?

F5Dog is a super simple plugin that does a big task: tracking all of the changes and updates on all of the sites that you want it to track. While that may almost sound too simple, consider all of the email blasts and updates and tab switching you’re currently doing in order to accomplish exactly the same thing. Rather than spending all your time on that, you could just save the plugin in your bookmarks bar, head over to a website you need to track, click on the button, and let it know what areas you need updates on.


Voila! When you think about it that way, this little tool could potentially save you a lot of time.




The team behind the little tool with lots of umph.

F5Dog was created by the folks at Convextra: CEO Anton Napolsky, his co-founder Maxim Nosov, and investor Eugeny Medvednikov. They created Convextra to pull data out of websites and then boil it down into a form that’s easily digested by laypeople like you and I.


As my colleague, Keith pointed out in his article about Convextra earlier this year, this kind of data extraction is definitely not for amateurs. The reality is that it’s unlikely that you know exactly which data should be pulled out from sites and how it should be formatted, which is why it’s generally a good idea to leave that up to experts like the team at Convextra.




But back to F5Dog…

F5Dog is one more tool to add to your arsenal of weapons in your attack against inefficiency. As a startup founder, I know that time is your most precious resource so why not use tools like this to help you conserve it?


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