Full Exposure: EyeEm Photo App Is Eye Candy And So Much More

All eyes in the photo sharing community have been on the ugly picture that was the data leak at Snapchat and the subsequent handling of the security breach, but I’d like to divert our gaze onto something beautiful to look at again. Have you seen EyeEm yet? This photo sharing app and marketplace is a real head turner.



The Look

Everything about EyeEm is gorgeous down to the last detail – the website, the mobile apps, the picture layout, the user feel. And… so are the photos! I get it that not everyone who takes pictures is a photographer. The casual clicker can take pictures and share pictures here, too – and will find various filters to play with – but those who appreciate top-notch photos will delight in the stunning images available for browsing.



As a discovery platform, EyeEm sets a high bar. Tags, groupings, and the display all invite the observer to keep searching. Try to peel your eyes away.


The Community

2013 was a breakthrough year for the Berlin-based company. EyeEm’s user base grew from 1 to 10 million. The philosophy is to create “an honest and open” platform for photographers. Share your work on the website or through personal social networks. Find other like-minded photographers and arrange meet-ups together. The platform clearly has found a way to make people feel good about putting their work in front of others.



The Business Model

For many of the fine qualities I’ve already mentioned, it’s not surprising that EyeEm has raised $6 million in funding so far, from Earlybird Venture Capital, Wellington Partners, and Passion Capital. The company already manages to generate revenue by way of a win-win-win formula. Partnering companies pay to license images on the platform. Those companies use captivating pictures, EyeEm earns their share for hosting the pictures and negotiating terms, and photographers get paid for their work. A most promising beginning.


The Team


EyeEm’s international crew is co-founded by Florian Meissner, Lorenz Aschoff, Ramzi Rizk and Gen Sadakane. Their story began in part thanks to Meissner losing a camera while in New York City. Forced to use a friend’s iPhone to take pictures he encountered a community of passionate photographers. Inspiration to share images and connect individual social networks through the love of photos helped spur EyeEm into being. Find EyeEm in the App Store and Google Play.


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