Make Your Startup The One To Watch:
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We’ve all heard by now that a picture is worth a thousand words, and many believe that a video is worth a thousand pictures. Explainer videos let the world know what a startup is about quickly and memorably, powerfully holding a distracted audience’s attention with dynamic videos and compelling stories. Bode Animation aims to produce animated videos a cut above the rest.





Giving Life To Your Story

Bode Animation is a video production company that specializes in creative, explainer videos. What’s more, they love to work with startup companies. Have your story told by experts in motion graphics, stop motion, whiteboard and cartoon animation. Great storytelling helps quickly distill complicated business concepts. Videos can demonstrate a product in action or impart the benefits of a service much quicker that any text or speaker. The right explainer video can push a brand message, attract larger audiences, even boost web ranking.


Engage, Educate, and Entertain

Bode Animation sets itself apart by focusing on clear and effective scripting, as well as high production standards. They work hard to deliver a video that ensures a startup’s message reaches its full potential.


Here’s a glimpse at how they develop projects:


1. Research & Discover

The Bode Animation crew does their homework on a company and studies market trends to identify the best way to portray a client in video.


2. Script or Story

Great storytellers sculpt unique scripts to ensure that each message grips viewers.


3. Perfect Voice

Voice artists – that’s right, the professionals – capture attention and deliver the goods with perfect pitch.


4. Storyboard Revisions

Bode Animation drafts and refines characters, designs, company images and icons until clients are absolutely satisfied.


5. Animation & Production

The animators bring story and character to video life, making the videos as visually stunning as possible.





Afterward, of course, sound is edited for optimal impact, and an HD quality video handed over. Video files are adaptable to fit different devices and screen sizes. Bode Animation also affords options to promote videos in targeted markets.


Bode Animation excels at conveying startup businesses through these 12 types of explainer videos:


  • Typography
  • Whiteboard
  • Live action
  • 3D animation
  • 2.5D animation
  • 2D animation
  • ScreenCast
  • Stop Motion
  • Infographic
  • iPad/ iPhone Apps
  • Music Only
  • Testimonial





Pricing begins with the Startups package, for $1,000 a minute. This includes voice over, storyboards, 2D animation, and 2 revisions. Advanced packages feature premium voices, additional revisions, promotional assistance, and more. Premium voice work is done by radio DJs, dubbing artists, and TV presenters. Bode Animation offers services in at least 11 languages. Find more pricing and packaging information here.


Making People Happy

Bode Animation has made videos for over 100 startups and more than 200 small businesses. They’ve worked with mobile web companies, social media communities, SaaS products, travel deal / e-commerce platforms and more. Visit here for a closer look at Bode Animation’s portfolio. And if you’re unconvinced about the importance of an animated video for your startup’s health, the following video may change your thinking:





Based in India, Bode Animation has offices in Chennai and New York. The company is a subsidiary of Bode Solutions, founded by Raghav. To learn more, view the company on LinkedIn or find contact information here.


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