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Free Help Finding What You Need To Run Your Business At Expert Market

Sane business owners would rather spend time researching the best point of sale system to use than make product improvements or focus on adding customers. Huh? If you had to read the preceding sentence twice, that’s because it’s crazy talk. The search to find the essential components to run a business at the right prices flat out robs entrepreneurs of the time and energy that would be better spent elsewhere.



No one can afford such waste, regardless of what form it takes – the lost manpower of employees assigned to shop solutions, wires frayed by sheer option overload, or sales missed while struggling to establish basic operations. If the only thing preventing you from building your business faster is sourcing missing equipment and services, Expert Market offers just the kind of assistance you need.




Affordable Expertise

Expert Market ( is a free service that connects businesses to the equipment and services that they lack. Learn about B2B products that will resolve your issues, get quotes from both local and national suppliers, and keep business running as smoothly and cheaply as possible. Here’s how it works:


  1. Prospective buyers choose a category and fill out a short web form describing their interest in a product/ service
  2. An Expert Market team member calls to further discuss business requirements
  3. The Expert Market specialists find what you need, delivering free quotes that you can then choose from


Exactly What You Need

There’s no charge to use Expert Market and no obligations to buy. Find competitive and up-to-date pricing among Expert Market’s growing network of suppliers. Best of all, source the right business services and office equipment with minimal effort. Expert Market helps business owners find the following items and more:


  • Mailing services and postage equipment
  • Shipping fleet
  • Credit card processing and merchant account services
  • Point of sale systems


Expert Market, a division of the UK-based MVF Global, is founded by Jules Hopkinson, Tom Morgan and Titus Sharpe. This is the company’s first American venture after successfully developing many international marketing companies. Recording 278% annual revenue growth over four years earned MVF 2013 distinction in The Sunday Times as the UK’s fastest growing tech firm.






(If there was any doubt as to how serious Expert Market is about making your business successful, they have a business category devoted to coffee makers and coffee vending machines – helping companies source the very heart and soul of any top performing office.)


Online help + human help (For free!) = … It’s up to each business owner to put this service to use and implement the resources so that the outcome equals success, but there’s nothing about the formula that isn’t winning. Find out more about joining Expert Market’s network of suppliers here.


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