Using Evernote To Make Your Business More Efficient

How you store, access and use information can be expensive and frustrating. Compatibility issues with different operating systems and equipment also makes it a hassle and not a convenience. That is why the users of Evernote are singing the praises of this software because it lives up to what technology is supposed to do “simplify your life” and if you are a small startup you will wonder how you lived without it. Simply put it organizes everything you do whether you are on a Mac, PC, online, your iPhone or Android and you can access the information anytime. 



As Evernote describes it they want to give their user the ability to “easily” capture a moment. This moment can be a note, picture, video, lesson plans, something you jotted down, a receipt or anything else you want to store on your device. They also say they want to make it easily accessible meaning easy to find without having to be a computer scientist using virtually any device out there sync it and make it accessible anytime while backing up your data. That sounds like a lot of hot air but by all accounts they have succeeded with flying colors.


Storing And Synchronizing Your Data

So you are asking your self how do I put the notes in Evernote. You can use your email, send pictures, screen shots by copying and pasting, handwritten notes from a tablet, scanned document and web pages. Once you capture the information Evernote will organize the information on your device and their backup service. The information is synchronized when ever you get online ensuring the information you access is always up to date. You can get the free or premium version which is only five dollars a month or $45 per year.


Access is a very important feature with Evernote. A small internet startup relies on information at all times and the employees have phones, pads and laptops in different locations. With Evernote your organization can sync all the information of their projects and access it where ever they happen to be. It is a very useful tool for collaboration and because the information is updated and synched automatically everyone will be aware of what is taking place at all times.

Organizing Your Receipts

Even though the act of collecting your receipts is a simple process organizing it becomes a time consuming chore. With Evernote you can take a picture or scan your receipt and it will make it searchable because it can read text in your images. This simple two step process will save you the headache of going through a drawer full of receipts when your accountant wants the information to do your taxes for your company.

Visual Guides

Accessing the information anytime means you can use it as a visual guide to make presentations, show a product or use it to give a lesson.  It is a great teaching tool not only for your clients but employees of your company. You can use graphs, pictures and videos you have in your notes to get your message across. If you use a lot of media you should be aware of the storage capacity. The free version only has 60MB per month while the premium version gives you 1000 MB.



Most online and mobile tools can be unnecessarily complicated requiring resources to teach everyone in your startup how to use it the right way. Evernote is a simple and efficient tool that does what it claims.


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