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Stay Sane This Holiday Season With The Help Of GTD App



Go to the mall for June’s gift. Judy’s recital. Billy’s pageant. Company party on Friday. Ted’s house Saturday. Buy things for dinner. Caroling at noon. Family arriving at three… Having trouble staying on top of the holiday season itinerary? Asking yourself, “How am I ever going to do it?” GTD app, wants to come to your rescue. is a task management application that helps us turn our random notes and reminders into a sensible plan of action, enabling us to get things done. No, this is not a dare site, or place to tell all (unless doing so is a priority). There’s no question mark behind the company name, friends. has a far more practical purpose – to help us manage our time and keep productive.





A few days away from Christmas and none of my holiday shopping done, I’m painfully aware that learning how to manage time better is yet one more thing to add to my list of 2013 intentions. However, all is not lost. offers a simple system to avoid falling behind or forgetting to do things. Here’s how it works:


1. Make notes

Getting ideas own is the first step toward them becoming reality.


2. Synchronize notes

Leaving notes where they’ll serve as convenient reminders often backfires. consolidates notes in one location, and even synchronizes with Evernote.


3. Create tasks

Who needs more reminders that we’re likely to forget anyway? Instead, make to do lists. Establish a workable timeline for completing tasks.


4. Finish projects

Watch as that chaotic sequence of vague plans coheres into finished projects.


One the most noteworthy features of is the application’s compatibility with Evernote. Import all your brilliant ideas and archived material. Use those accumulated notes to assign yourself tasks, and finally put them to good use! Transform those intentions, inventions, and abstract notions into accomplishments. allows users to take stored information and create projects, establish a priority of tasks, and track progress. reminds us of the when, where and what of things that need to get done – taking care of the dirty work behind holding ourselves accountable.





Survive the holiday season and more with the help of Instead of seeing those New Year’s resolutions fizzle faster than bubbly popped at midnight, provides a framework for working steadily toward achieving goals. is a GTD app by Onemln Ltd. The good people behind the scenes are committed to helping others realize their creative visions, making lives easier and happier.





Look for the iPad and iPhone versions of to become available soon. Find on Google+ and Facebook. Follow the company on Twitter and Pinterest. For more information, visit


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