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Who’s Coming? What Do I Need To Bring? EventWith Founder Daniel Beck Talks Painless Event Planning



Aah, the great outdoors. A weekend away at the lake. Not enough cabins booked. Hamburgers for the kids missing. The Millers refusing to pony up for their share of the deposit. No one agreeing to do the same thing the entire time. How relaxing! Sound like a familiar escape? Consider planning your next outing using EventWith.


EventWith is a social application that makes it easier to plan events together – a collaboration event planning tool for splitting responsibilities, voting on activities and venues, divvying up a budget, and solving the problems that ruin a shared good time. Family and friends can organize anything from a birthday party to a baby shower, to a block picnic and more, both efficiently and effectively.





The app works with existing social networks such as Facebook, so it’s a cinch to invite friends and communicate online. Real-time updates keep everyone in the loop about changes or the progress of preparations. Checklists and budget tools help avoid arguments well before events take place, so there’s nothing left to do but enjoy one another’s company.


A comedy of errors weekend like the one first described lead co-founders Itai Fridman and Daniel Beck to search for a tool that would help their families plan quick-getaways and have a better time together. Disappointed with the options, they put together their own solution. Here, Beck tells us more:


What distinguishes EventWith from the competition?

EventWith is the only company to offer a true social checklist where everyone can see who brings or does what within an event.





When do your best ideas come to you?

My best ideas strike at anytime during the day. The important thing for me is to write them up on my smartphone in order to make a reality check later, which often happens during the night.


Maybe you can share an anecdote that describes the struggles or frustrations you’ve had to work through while starting out?

As an active member of my kids’ PTA school events, I find it difficult to allocate the time for school community work as I used to for several years. However, the good news is that everyone supports me, because they know EventWith was created for them!





If you have any free time, how do you like to spend it?

I like to spend my free time on a sunny beach together with my family and friends.


What drew you to startup entrepreneurship?

I always knew that my brain is wired differently. And entrepreneurship is heaven for people who find it difficult to follow the crowd.





What are the best and worst aspects of the startup scene in your corner of the world?

The best thing about launching a startup in Israel is that you are surrounded by the entrepreneurial spirit. The worst is that it is more expensive to visit San Francisco.


Are you bootstrapped or funded?

We raised $400k in seed money back in April by a group of A class angel investors such as Gigi Levy and Zohar Gilon.





What’s your greatest satisfaction in business life?

Creating experiences that people will enjoy. In EventWith, we try to bring people together by creating more intimate gatherings. Reading email from an event host – telling us that they got to enjoy the event they were heading – gives me great satisfaction.


How do you plan to make EventWith Even Better?

We are currently working full-steam ahead on developing our iOS and Android mobile versions. This will help event guests respond and engage on the go.





Any advice for other entrepreneurs struggling to get their business off the ground?

I always liked the lighthouse metaphor: entrepreneurs should always keep looking at the light to find the way through a storm.


Is there anything else that you’d like KillerStartups readers to know about what makes you and EventWith so special?

EventWith is special because it increases the participation of everyone in event planning, which makes the actual event much more fun and fair.


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