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Hospital Lighting In Your Living Room Is A Thing Of The Past With EVA BR30 Bulb

A perfectly lovely home can make or break on lighting. If the lighting is good, everything – from the colors a homeowner has carefully chosen, to the mood of the room – is better. If the lighting is bad, a romantic dinner can feel like a trip to the local clinic.




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And yet choosing the right lightbulbs is one of those oddly confounding adult things. Who hasn’t stood in the aisle at the grocery store wondering WTF 60W really means and whether or not it’ll work in your apartment? Then, of course, there’s the moment you get home and realize that by some flash of good luck you got the right type of bulb but the color of the light is definitely going to give you migraines.


For folks who are as picky about lighting as I am (and trust me, I’m picky – I will set up fifty candles and risk immolation before flicking on an ugly florescent), I’d like to recommend EVA™ BR30 bulb by LEDified.



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It’s a whole new lighting experience.

While there are plenty of lightbulbs on the market that provide different types of mood lighting and even quite a few “smart” lightbulbs out there, the EVA™ Bulb combines the looks of traditional lights with the convenience of smart bulbs. It’s also much easier to control than anything else on the market: each EVA™ Bulb has four different modes that can controlled by either a traditional dimmer or the iDim remote.


For most consumers, lighting needs change not only from room to room but throughout the day. Maybe you just need a little bit of light in the afternoon but would prefer something really bright for the evening, when you’re trying to wash the dishes. EVA™ Bulb is the only solution for people who want to make sure that the lighting is always just right.



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And they’re already making waves.

EVA™ Bulb just completed the voting stage of the Fundable Crowd2Shelf contest, where they received the most votes out of 25 innovative companies. That mean they’re headed on to the next stage of the contest, the winner of which will earn the chance to sell their product on Staples shelves in their online store. Part of this round of the contest is a successful crowdfunding campaign so if you’re ready to ditch those terrine lights you’ve been complaining about for the past few months and get with the lighting of the future, head over to their Fundable crowdfunding page and get those lightbulbs!


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