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When you’re first starting out as an entrepreneur, you need all the help you can get. From business strategy to marketing plans, the skills needed to grow your startup are endless. That’s why MeetAdvisors wants to connect you to experts who possess these skills and who can give you essential advice for startup success.


What’s it all about?

Started by startup enthusiast Adam Fridman who would “rather talk startup than see a movie,”  MeetAdvisors offers invaluable online entrepreneurial networking opportunities by introducing and connecting professionals (and their expertise) with entrepreneurs seeking business advice.





How it Works

For entrepreneurs, it’s as simple as request, receive, review. Request advice, receive input from an expert, and review how helpful and effective it was for you. And by carefully screening advisors credentials via LinkedIn and other social media outlets, MeetAdvisors makes sure you meet advisors of the best quality.


Review Your Advice

This is the paramount feature for MeetAdvisors. When entrepreneurs join the site, request advice from the approved advisors and receive it, they leave a review for the advisor. This is essential for the advisors as they are looking to build relationships. And as an entrepreneur, you can see what others have said about the effectiveness of the advisors help.





Why Should You Become an Advisor?

Well, if you’re a person who can shut up about startups, then you should probably consider putting your gab to good use. Through being an advisor in the site, you can build business relationships with other entrepreneurs which could potentially lead to other successful ventures. Your MeetAdvisors profile will also boost your social media presence.





Becoming an advisor also allows you to sharpen your own skills. I know that when I was in school, if I taught what I knew to someone else, I would learn even more! And giving back always feels good, doesn’t it?


MeetAdvisor Accolades

Only 7 weeks after launch the site has grown to 620 user and 200 advisors, and advisors have already given out 140 free pieces of essential advice for entrepreneurs. MeetAdvisor has also received accolades from the likes of Forbes who says you should “Strategize about your next business adventure via MeetAdvisors” and The Street says, “How MeetAdvisors Beats LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs Needing Help.” Not bad for a such a young site.





So, all you entrepreneurs looking to get the best startup advice, head over to MeetAdvisor and get hooked up with an expert ready to share what they know. Oh yes, and it’s free my friend!


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