Focus Online Attention On Your Expertise – Create A One Page Website At Enthuse


I thought it was a challenge to show people the value of poetry. Imagine the plight of the Tuvan throat singer… Everyone has special skills and a unique story to share with the world online, but giving others a clear window into individual genius grows harder each day. Enthuse has a solution for projecting the essential you across the web universe.


Enthuse ( is a free service that helps users create a one page website, allowing members to consolidate and clarify their online presence. And before you groan at the thought of another profile, take a look. Even a quick glimpse. The value of Enthuse is apparent immediately.





Showcase What You’re Good At And Why

We belong to several social networks anymore. We have fancy, interactive resumes, links here and there, profiles galore – we’re a chaotic mess. Our identity is lost in all the traffic. Enthuse organizes information into a simple and elegant page, with users choosing the details that deserve the most attention. The minimalist approach is easy on the eyes and the senses.


An Enthuse profile takes little time to create and eliminates a lot of clutter. Add your name, a simple description or job title, and your location. In a masterful design stroke, a neat line of button links connects visitors to other social media sites or networks you belong to. Include a photo, a personal note, any Twitter stats or LinkedIn experience you care to highlight, important links, and you’re good to go.





Filling out long forms – retooling and reloading resumes – is soul-crushing labor. None of which guarantees that people viewing an exhaustive account of your skills and experience will gain a real sense of who you are and what you’re currently working on. Components of personality and lists of skills seldom add up to an accurate measure of a person. Handpicking information highlights dynamic activity and creates a clear portrait that feels both lean and complete.


Make (Someone) Interested And Eagerly Appreciative

Enthuse streamlines multiple profiles and tailors information to draw people to your talents. Members may also link to YouTube or Vimeo videos related to important projects. Currently in beta, login onsite or through either Facebook or LinkedIn profiles (their inclusion by the way demonstrates the startup’s confidence that it will stand apart.)





An A-List option allows members to recommend others to page visitors. Expect more focus on opportunities to connect once the company gains traction. Additional features may eventually include more page customization and ability to sell both goods and services onsite.


An Enthusiastic Team

Enthuse hails from the Shoreditch tech community in London’s Silicon Roundabout. Leading the way is CEO and founder Dan Jacobs. Jacobs brings over fifteen years of startup experience to the crew. He survived the ‘90s undertow and went on to work at companies such as,, and BBC Online. As a director at IDT Global Ltd, he launched the flagship products Prime MasterCard and Gift2Go Gift Card. Jacobs also champions his passions for choral singing and vegetarianism.





Find Enthuse on either Twitter of Facebook – so long as the team’s love for falafel, beer, and tea don’t take over. And apologies to those left wondering: Tuvan throat singing is a style of overtone singing practiced by the Tuvans of Siberia.


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