Email Contacts: Zombies Vs. Social Media Dynamos


Don’t throw out those email mailing lists! Those email contacts you worked so hard to grow might not have the time for newsletters any more, but that doesn’t mean they’re unwilling to engage your business or organization. On the contrary, the potential for interaction is greater than ever before. can breathe new life into your pulseless communication channels.

 re-energizes email contacts by converting them into active members on social media platforms. The startup does this in a variety of ways. First, it matches email contacts to social media profiles. Using public information, gathers information about what people are posting and where they’re doing so. This data allows organizations to engage influential customers – users, members, volunteers, etc. more effectively.





The era of the email blast has been fading rapidly. helps send targeted messages to the right people. What’s more, keyword searches, Klout scores, trending reports turn a faceless audience into differentiated network of possible evangelists. For a full list of features, visit here.

 transforms the staid data of email lists into infographics that render networks more sensible. At heart, the service allows its clients to better understand their supporters and cultivate more rewarding relationships.


CEO Rosalyn Lemieux knows about organizing and mobilizing contacts. She’s a co-founding partner at Fission Strategy, a social media strategy agency with an emphasis on mobilizing large-scale social action. Before that she served as the Executive Director at New Organizing Institute, where she trained tech-skilled grassroots organizers.


She worked as a key organizer at MoveOn during the 2004 and 2006 election cycles. Lemieux began her online advocacy career as the web team director for the Feminist Majority Foundation.





Lemieux conceived of as a means for organizations to engage in social media outreach without having to start from scratch. Given the limited resources of many advocacy groups, eases the transition from building effective e-mail campaigns to initiating Facebook and Twitter activism.


A partner at both and Fission Strategy, Cheryl Contee also has an impressive work history of harnessing the power of social media for social good. The Huffington Post named her as one of the Top 27 Female Founders in Tech to Follow on Twitter in 2011 and Fast Company declared her one of the 2010 Most Influential Women in Tech. As if that didn’t qualify her kick ass credentials enough, she practices tai chi with a sword. Four of them to be precise – the Pearl, the Heart, the Lion, and a wooden blade named fittingly, Woody.





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Photo Credits | Fission Strategy | Douz DIOP