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Love In An Elevatr, Going Up And No Going Down



Too many startup business ideas never make it off the ground floor (and a few do that never should). Why? People forget to write down their best ideas. People can’t keep all their ideas straight. Ideas never morph into realistic plans. Ugh, for shame! Startup Elevatr hopes to lift those first creative inklings up to their penthouses.




David Spiro founded Elevatr after lacking the tools to adequately capture and contain his startup ideas. He envisioned a mobile fix to this problem that would blend free-form note taking with putting together a more traditional, structured business plan. Luckily for him and other startup entrepreneurs, he did put this idea down. New York mobile app development agency Fueled partnered to build Elevatr.


The Elevator Pitch

Everyone knows about making the pitch, cornering the decision makers in the elevator to hit them with new brilliant ideas. This time the decision maker is you, and you’ve got to put your ideas down quickly and concisely to see if they’ll go anywhere – and before they go away for good.




This tool might apply to any project that develops from a conceptual stage into a more detailed plan. We all have great ideas. In this wobbly economy, entrepreneurship is more attractive than ever before. Seizing the day itself, and determined to help others do the same, Elevatr’s current focus is on helping those startup entrepreneurs who have difficulties concentrating on just one idea, whose hectic schedules tempt them to come back to a promising idea later only to find the idea misplaced or gone entirely.


What a shame if good concepts never turn into businesses. Act on the idea and give it life!


Here is the basic recipe Elevatr believes will nourish its users:

  • Get Your General Ideas Down
  • Organize A Plan
  • Collect Info
  • Store Your Brilliance In One Convenient Place…
  • Safely In A Cloud



The recipe appears to be an early winner. PandoDaily reports that Elevatr has earned 40,000 users in the first month and is about to close a $500,000 round of funding. Going up?


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Author : Keith Liles

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