Just In Time For Summer, Edyn – The Tech Solution To Gardening Disappointment

10347499_658350627591191_8141687291789276071_nSummer is kicking in to gear and people are being hit with a wave of warm weather cravings. In addition to a new found affinity for lemonade tinged beer and games that can be played in backyards, a lot of people will be struck with an overwhelming urge to start gardening.


It looks easy, and for some people it is, but successful gardening requires a pretty intimate knowledge of everything from soil acidity to the amount of sun each part of your garden gets. For those of us who feel that having a green thumb is actually more akin to having some kind of freakish sixth sense or superpower there is finally a smart product to help us get our green on – Edyn.



In addition to sounding vaguely like some 90’s era pop-band, Edyn is a cool starup company that just came out with a garden sensor that helps people monitor and understand the conditions taking place in their gardens.


Understanding Nature’s carefully choreographed dance of sunlight, water, soil, and plants is no easy feat, but Edyn’s sensor and mobile app are on a mission to help make sense of all that information so people can grow healthier, prettier, and more sustainable gardens.




Solar powered smart technology


The solar powered garden sensor is the brainchild of soil scientist and Edyn founder Jason Aramburu. It looks like a high tech garden pathway light and collects data on things like the pH of the soil, how much light the garden is getting, and whether you should water your plants soon.


Speaking of watering – Edyn’s technology also equips wannabe gardeners with a high-tech watering system that monitors how dry soil is and the weather conditions. This lets gardeners relax a little knowing that their plants are going to get the water they need without wasting water/breaking watering bans.


Screenshot at Jun 10 20-06-53


App-lying the science

All of  this info goes into an app that helps users make sense of what is going on in their garden plot. Not only does it help gardeners better take care of their plants by sending alerts and reports on how things are going in the flowerbed, but it can actually make suggestions on which plants would be the best fit for the weather and soil conditions associated with that site.


Screenshot at Jun 10 20-07-12


Whether users are growing crops out in farm country or some are attempting to grow some organic produce on their rooftop garden, Edyn can help to know what plants to grow and give you tips on when and how to do it.


Their product is set to hit the market this August thanks to help from badass designer Yves Béhar and fuseproject (his studio) along with support from their Kickstarter campaign. They’ve already passed their inital goal by 75k so chances are pretty good the product will materialize.


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