White Label Whiteboard From eduWEAVER Enhances Any Online Learning Experience

While some of us are old enough to remember chalkboards with real chalk, I think it’s safe to say that those dusty things have been permanently relegated to the attic of memory at this point and that’s because one thing has appeared to take their place: the whiteboard.


For startup founders, the whiteboard holds a special place. It’s where we brainstorm, where we scribble notes, where we tape up our post-its. Walk into the office of any startup and I guarantee you will spot at least one – if not ten – whiteboards.


If you’re looking for a way to recreate the whiteboard experience virtually, meet the White Label Whiteboard from eduWEAVER. A cross between those old school paint programs you played on as a kid and a standard whiteboard, the whiteboard from eduWEAVER is a virtual space for all of those important notes that need to get out there but don’t necessarily need to last forever.




And you don’t even have to deal with that stinky dry eraser smell.

While I can totally see startup founders having fun playing with the whiteboard from eduWEAVER, I think probably the best application for it is in virtual classrooms. As e-learning becomes more and more popular (we’re talking explosive growth popular, guys), virtual institutions need tools that replicate the in-real-life experience of a classroom.


Obviously a physical whiteboard can’t be put online, but the whiteboard from eduWEAVER can. Any virtual teacher can use it to draw quick diagrams, highlight text, or even work out tricky math equations step-by-step.


Easy to integrate

Because it’s a white label program, eduWEAVER’s whiteboard can be easily rebranded to fit your applications. It’s also customizable and easy to integrate; all you have to do is contact the eduWEAVER team for a quote.


white label


Who made it?

eduWEAVER was created by the team at BrainCert, which is a personalized e-learning site that got in the game of online learning way ahead of the curve; thirteen years ago, to be exact.


BrainCert provides a space for instructors to upload their courses and start making money right away or, if it’s more their style, actually teach a live course. They have an entire platform for creating a virtual experience that is as close to an in-real-life classroom experience as possible, plus you get 90% of the sales from your courses, so it’s a great way to earn some passive income.



For learners (and, again, there are a lot of them out there), BrainCert offers a huge range of options in a range of prices from free to still totally reasonable. They offer something for everyone in the form of courses, tutorials, and tests.


So the whiteboard from eduWEAVER makes sense.

Obviously a company that’s focused on creating a great learning experience online would create a whiteboard that works for the e-learning experience. Whether you’re teaching courses virtually or just interested in doodling on your computer, go check them out!


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