Ecquire Makes CRM Business Strategies A Breeze By Automatically Recording Select Email And Social Media Activities


With today’s mobile business environment, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to have some kind of Customer Relationship Management tool or application of some kind. The best kind of CRM tools of course use the cloud, but the issue isn’t where your data is stored, but the fact that we use many different apps for our CRM.


If you’re not already familiar, CRM essentially means all aspects that an individual or company has for the customer either sales or service related (contact info, when emails were sent, and what they were about). It’s a business strategy used to understand the customer base, keep customers, give better customer service, and attract new customers.


Well, luckily there’s a new kid on the block and it’s Ecquire. Ecquire is even better than your typical CRM app because with other CRM apps, you have to enter your activity into the app. Did you just send an email via Gmail? Well, enter that in manually… except do that every day for every email to your customers. Not so fun.





Ecquire instead captures your data from Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn! Amazing! For example, the moment you press “send” on your email, Ecquire automatically records it so you can easily and automatically update your CRM data.


It’s a game changer because it’s able to automatically record data from the above mentioned sites in addition to sites like Quora, HootSuite, Recurly, CrunchBase, AngelListQuickBooks, and others. It records data and also allows you to keep contact info updated, create important notes and tasks, and it can even import social data.


Currently, there are two pricing options one of which is the free trial. The free trial allows you to have up to 12 contact entries for you to give Ecquire a spin. For an unlimited number of contacts, Ecquire charges $19 per month.





Ecquire is very easy to use and is free to download. In fact, one of the best things about Ecquire is just how simple it is to use. Ever have one of those moments with an invention or app when you think, “Right, of course… and why hadn’t this been invented sooner?” For me, it was like that.


For example, when using Twitter, the Ecquire icon appears next the user’s photo on the Twitter page. Then, if I want to save certain information on that user, I click on the Ecquire button and then go to the Ecquire window pain on the right side of the browser to update any and all information I want to record.


It’s truly simple and it’s as easy as it sounds.





Another great thing about Ecquire is their blog. On their blog, they discuss all things CRM and productivity related which is an excellent way to keep up on the latest with Ecquire and any items related to their area of expertise.


Ecquire is definitely on to something important with this level of integration and I have a hunch that great things are in store for this startup.


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