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Doctivity Will Keep You Collaborating And Connected With Document Management Tools



Right at this moment, as I’m writing this article, I have my gmail open so I can glance over and see if anyone (really, my boss) is trying to get ahold of me. Only problem is, gmail is down. Which means Google Drive is down. Which means a huge pain in my ass.





In a case of perfect timing (seriously, I swear that this is no way planned), I was assigned to write about the website Doctivity today. Doctivity (formerly known as dam simple) document management tools are designed to help you share, manage, and edit documents with whomever you want to include on your team. It’s perfect for startups that include remote teams, freelancers working together, or really just anyone who is dealing with people all over the world.


As any regular reader of this website knows, we love apps and sites that make people’s lives easier over here at KillerStartups. This document management tool (available as a web or mobile app) definitely falls into that category. Keep reading to find out exactly why you should sign up today.



Super easy and accessible

Adding and editing documents in Doctivity is ridiculously easy. All you have to do is drag and drop or, if your computer isn’t up for that, you can download right to the main page. You can also download their app, which makes it possible to edit and update documents to Doctivity directly from your computer. Just click the little button and you’re good to go!



Another feature that falls under the “super easy” category is the one click Skype conferencing option. Often when teams are collaborating they need to talk right away about what they’re working on. With Doctivity, all you have to do is click the Skype button to installing connect with any of your team members.






Organization made easy

Staying organized is hard enough when you only have to deal with your own nonsense. Trying to keep track of what an entire team of developers/writers/managers/designers is doing is a full time job and can be enough to make anyone want to slam their head against the wall at the futility of it.


With Doctivity, the every frustrating folder has been taken out of the picture. Instead of having to choose which categories your document fits into, all you have to do is add as many labels as you want.


Also, every time you make an update, you can add a comment to the document. That way, your team knows exactly what was done and it’s easy to keep track of all the changes being made.


Multiple search options

If you just remember where you put that last piece or you want to check out what another team member has been working on, you can search your documents by label, other team members, and even approximately when you worked on it last. No more scrambling around and cussing at the computer while you try to remember where the hell that document went.





And for project managers, this function makes it super simple to see who’s doing what and who’s majorly slacking.


Super safe!

I know your startup is going to totally change the world and rock the industry and you’re going to make billions of dollars on it, so obviously you’re concerned about guarding your ideas and intellectual property. With Doctivity, you never have to worry about someone breaking in and jacking your stuff because they use the same security system that banks use to protect your money.


If you trust online banking, you can trust Doctivity.


Well, it looks like gmail decided to come back to me. Gotta go, it’s time to send my boss an email and suggest that we switch over to Doctivity. Maybe we’ll see you there?



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