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Make More Stuff: DIY Tips For Crafty People




Do it yourself projects are all the rage these days, as can be seen in the popularity of crafting websites and the plethora of Pinterest boards that focus on arts and crafts. While it’s easy enough to find ideas and instructions on how to execute them, finding supplies isn’t so clear-cut.


The beauty of the internet, though, is the fact that there are niche sites that fit basically every need. For example, for crafters who love working with ribbons, there’s


What is it?

diy tips gift is a comprehensive source for all of your ribbon needs. They’re connected with the online retailer PaperMart to provide you with over 4,200 styles of ribbon. (Who knew there even were that many?)


They also have a blog that talks about fun ribbon projects, DIY tips, tutorials for DIY craft projects, ribbon crafts, and craft inspirations. Basically anything ribbon-related that you could think of wanting or needing (and probably a whole lot that you’d never though of before) can be found on


If you’re searching their gallery or checking out the tutorials and find a project you really can’t wait to get started on, head on over to the Shop Ribbon tab and get the exact ribbon to fit your special project. homepage


Joining a long history of ribbon art.

According to, ribbons has been used for centuries for adornment of everything form hair to fine art to home décor. Dedicated to an object committed solely to beautifying things, wants to help make the world a prettier place.


But pretty doesn’t have to mean expensive and assures users that their partner,, has the cheapest ribbons out there while also boasting the widest selection any ribbon lover could possibly dream of.


So whether you’ve run out of ideas and are looking for more DIY inspiration or you just need a pretty bow to match your gift wrap, check out and see if they have what you need.


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