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Unlimited Channels And Everything You Want On – Puts You In Charge Of Your Videos

The Internet is one hot mess of videos. Videos everywhere – strewn across applications and platforms and devices while loaded with permissions and advertisements, mixed in with photos and texts, hiding in links and attachments. Things should look better than this.



At least, that’s what is out to show. This iPhone and web app looks to make video lives simpler and clearer. Users create private, invite-only channels that make it easy to share and enjoy videos. Channels are designed to improve video exchange within groups for both recreation and work.


For Personal Use

Channel creators can set up as many channels as they like. They control who gets to see videos and interact. Because the app is cloud-based, it means that videos no longer take up storage space on mobile devices. At the same time, provides one convenient source for collecting a wide variety of videos.


For convenience sake, not everyone has to have the app downloaded to consume videos. Channel creators send invitations via email. Then family members and friends can use the website to watch videos, read and leave comments. Of course, if they download the app, they also can then add videos to the channel.



dispatchtv landing



This arrangement establishes a refreshing pool where people can share and talk about videos. Since there are no restrictions on video length, it’s also a better tool for sharing longer videos.


A continuous channel and cloud storage make it easy to keep visual records. is an ideal tool for sharing an infant’s growth or for documenting progress while learning a skill – say, practicing a yoga pose at home.


For Teams channels give work groups an efficient means to collaborate. If a contractor wants to communicate with a crew building a house, for example, a quick video lets him see progress without physically visiting the site. Both sides can then relay messages associated with video, communicating quickly. Updates are automatic, so everyone with access to the channel has the same information.


As the blog states succinctly: “Video has the power to transport, and can substitute for being there in person. Teams are using channels to cut down on phone calls, photo attachments, and in-person visits, while helping small teams cover more ground.”



dispatchtv in action



Channels are well suited for managing projects. They serve as strong visual records of work, which are easy to share among workers and clients as desired. They streamline remote teams’ interactions – replacing a hodgepodge of written reports and photos. And turns the smartphone into a handy workstation, perfect for a fluid workforce.


Press Play

Keep up to 10 channels with free of charge. Monthly plans support creating more channels. All channels boast unlimited space and users. The great thing about being a paid service: no advertisements. You own and control your videos.


If you’re looking for a private, easy way to share videos, download the app at Find the company on Facebook and Twitter for more of their latest news.


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