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Video Is The New Pen. Start Recording Your Thoughts With A Mindlogr Online Video Diary



Anyone else willing to admit to having used a Walkman for listening to tunes while out on a jog? Hard to believe we lugged around those battery-laden monsters. Well, one day sooner than we imagine, we may begin feeling nostalgic about old fashioned journals and diaries, too. As proof: Mindlogr (previously Diary Memo), a website looking to bring the tradition of chronicling our days into the digital, video age.


Dear Online Video Diary

Mindlogr is a website where you can keep a private, online video diary. Record video entries of your day’s thoughts and activities. This is a fast and easy way to preserve ruminations, more accommodating with modern schedules and technology on hand.


 (please note that Mindlogr was formerly known as DiaryMemo)


From Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius (2nd century AD) to Chinese scholar Li Ao (9th Century AD) to the 20th century’s harrowing example of Anne Frank, the practice of keeping a diary has long been a valuable method of preserving our thoughts. Diaries help us both bear witness to the times and construct narratives of our lives. Whether for emotional or intellectual personal growth, or with posterity in mind, keeping a diary remains a cherished custom.


How many people continue to carve out time for a hand-written journal nowadays? Blogging may have brought our habit of putting daily thoughts into words online, but the wild proliferation of blog sites has blurred their general purpose. Similarly, YouTube has made recording homespun videos a common activity, but for an enormous range of reasons. Mindlogr rejoins the timeless spirit of maintaining a diary with the best of technology.




Captain’s Log, Stardate 2012

Star Trek fans may long have dreamed about keeping a diary like crew members from the popular science fiction franchise. Your time has arrived. Well, you may not be aboard the Enterprise or fighting Klingons just yet, but you can not put down your private memories into a personal video log.


Update: As of March 2013, Mindlogr is now completely free with no restriction on time, and a premium account is now only $12/year. Mindlogr has also integrated with Dropbox to provide automatic download direct to Dropbox folders.


As a serial entrepreneur, Eddie Yu noticed his diary entries becoming increasingly less frequent. He had great intentions of writing daily, but startup life left him short on time. The wish to maintain a diary along with all the Star Trek episodes he’d seen gave him the idea for Mindlogr. Yu graduated from Leeds University in 1997. In 2004, he began full-time work for his company Lady Luck Media Ltd., which has pivoted over the years to evolve into a full business startup lifecycle service. He’s also the author of “Speedlights & Elephants: Winning The Online Business Game.”



Yu programmed Mindlogr personally, and foresees adding features that will help contextualize entries – geo tagging and weather information for example. Users will effortlessly incorporate details that otherwise might go undocumented. This will give the video diary sharper focus and added relevance. If you were enduring the ravages of Hurricane Sandy for instance, you could record a few quick notes as power permitted. Mindlogr would supply storm details and data that would help make sense of a hasty entry.


Yu, an avid cook, also has a six-hour slow roast lamb recipe he’d like you to check out on his blog. As much as he might like to hear your opinion, he’d probably prefer you give it on Mindlogr.


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Mindlogr | Eddie Yu | Flickr

Author : Keith Liles

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