Denote Brings Site Search Up To Speed On Websites And Mobile Apps

There’s a good reason we’ve never seen a “Seekers of the Lost Online Information” installment in the Indiana Jones franchise: searching for information ain’t all that exciting or fun. Neither does being buried alive by big data translate well to the big screen. No, when it comes to online search, we want fast results so that we can go about the more thrilling activities in our day.


Simple and Powerful Site Search

Google is a marvelous tool for finding information on the web in general, but when it comes to site specific searches, we’re using tools that show their wear – they might find their way into one of Dr. Jones’s archeological lectures, but he wouldn’t want to pack them on an important quest.




Denote is a new and improved site search that allows any website or mobile app to add a search to their site. Hosted in the cloud, this patented search finds desired content quickly and easily – no coding required to add the search. Denote allows web owners to better manage search results and to make use of information related to customers’ on-site searches.


Understanding Site Content the Way Your Customers Would

What exactly does Denote have over other tools? According to the website, “Denote is smart. It uses a patented semantic algorithm to understand what’s in your pages just like your customers read them. It also monitors users’ activity on your website and learns their behavior to provide better results and rankings. We call it Adaptive Intelligent Search.”




Inserting a few lines of code makes it possible to add the smart search plugin so that it blends in with any site. Automatic indexing ensures that content remains easy to find while the semantic search guides users to information that would otherwise be missed. What’s more, administrators can influence search results, making it possible to push items they wish to sell or to highlight other information as they see fit. Detailed analytics reveal search trends and supply other metrics to understand what users want.


Find Content More Intelligently

The amount of content and data we produce now is astonishing. Cloud storage gives us a place to keep our valuable information, but we need help when it comes to organizing and finding it. Most of us are sloppy. We rely on memory and hope to retrieve what we need. Denote replaces prayers with an intuitive system for searching content. Functioning much like hashtags do, Denote uses keywords – both present in text and closely associated – to better extract relevant information. As the virtual world continues to expand, this tool positions enterprise businesses, researchers, web developers and others to maximize their potential for both search and content management.




Denote is slated for public launch Monday, February 24th. An inextweb product, Denote is available through monthly subscription plans. Check here for pricing information, and take advantage of a free, 14-day trial period. Denote is co-founded by Ramin Behzadi and Reza Bashash.


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