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And Monkeys Might Fly… Or, How The World Now Belongs To Data Analysts

Big data. We produce vast amounts of it each day. Entrepreneurs salivate over the opportunities that the information held inside the numbers contains. There’s really no debate. Everyone knows that every industry – the world and our lives as we know them – will be transformed by what we learn from data.



If this line of reasoning sounds a little vague, oddly missing concrete numbers at the beginning of a conversation about the revolutionizing potential of numbers, it’s because big data has a big problem.




boring school


Not enough people are willing to devote themselves to learning how to manage data, so there is a shortfall of data analysts.


Go Ape for Data

Datamonkey understands the situation well. This platform for learning how to work with data both sees the job potential for those willing to build their analytical skills and realizes that there’s nothing sexy or fun about spreadsheets.




Datamonkey provides hand’s-on instruction with a sense of humor. Remember when learning was fun? Most of us have to travel way back in our memory of school to recall such a time. Probably it involved singing, laughter, and a healthy dose of play. Which is why it worked and why play shouldn’t be ignored when trying to develop rather tedious skills.


Through interactive lessons, Datamonkey teaches SQL using an SQL-like console. Learning this language for managing data enables individuals to work with huge volumes of information.


Big Payoffs. We’re Talking A Whole Lot of Bananas ($$$)

Data proficiency is a special kind of literacy. By becoming adept at using charts, tables, and making calculations, people will position themselves better for work as data analysts.


Most of us outside the field might be inclined to associate data with low-paying data entry jobs. This is a huge mistake. New businesses rely on research involving data and insights into the numbers. Learning how to use spreadsheets, databases, and other analytical tools is a surefire way to bolster a CV and join the ranks of highly-sought after (and compensated!) skilled professionals.


OK, but am I going to have to go back to school or pay a fortune to learn about data and analytics you might be wondering. The answer is “No.” Try out Datamonkey for free. If phrases like “…the intricacies of SQL while working on a database…” sound alien and intimidating, robotic-armed monkey graphics should help put you at ease.


As much as someone who works with words is loathe to admit, speaking the language of data is hot. Visit to learn more about courses and how to sharpen your analyst skills by achieving data proficiency.


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