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Access And Analyze All Of Your Startup Analytics In One Place

Startups these days have an abundance of analytics. We can track everything from who is clicking our links to where their eyes are focusing to the most basic metric of how many views each page is getting. There are sites and apps that cover all these areas but tracking everything means that, eventually, you’ll find yourself toggling back and forth between sites in order to get a good idea of exactly what’s going on.



A new website called Dasheroo is hoping to simplify your analytics viewing and analyzing experiences by localizing all of your data on one, cloud-based dashboard.


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Here’s what Dasheroo is offering:

One dashboard for all of your analytics sites and apps.

Logging into all of your various analytics apps can be annoying, Personally, I have a hard time just remembering the passwords for everything. With Dasheroo, you’ll have one login and one space where you can access all of your startup analytics.



Dasheroo points out that other sites have widgets, but they provide “intelligent Insights” that pull together data from all your different apps to give you the information you need to take steps toward improving your business. Use these to get a more holistic overview of exactly what your analytics are trying to tell you.


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The Dasheroo dashboards can be shared with other team members, allowing you to comment and chat in real time about what you’re seeing. This is an especially nice tool for teams that are located around the world, as it keeps the data and conversation all in one place.


Access from any device, anywhere.

You gotta love the cloud, huh? Dasheroo is cloud-based, which means you can access your information on any device, at any time, from anywhere. Total and complete convenience.


Multiple dashboards.

While a car has just one dashboard, Dasheroo lets you create a dashboard for each member of your team. Everyone’s needs might be slightly different and this feature allows you to make sure that they’re all met.


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Safe and free.

Because this data belongs to your company and your company alone, Dasheroo reassures you that they don’t store your data but only access it via the apps you’ve provided access to.


They’ve also committed to providing Dasheroo for free, with the note that they’d “hope” you’d be willing to pay them a “modest amount” as your business grows and your team does too. If you’re interested, it sounds like now is a good time to jump on board!


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Author : Emma McGowan

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