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Is Facebook Down? Is It Down? Is It REALLY DOWN??

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Last week, Facebook went down for sixteen minutes and the entire world had a simultaneous heart attack. I know that I jumped right over to Twitter to see if it was just a glitch in my system only to discover that, nope, the megalith time destroyer of the world really was outta commission.


While the hive mind of Twitter is a great resource, everyone knows you can’t believe everything you see on there. If you want a more reliable resource the next time your favorite site seems to be down, head on over to CurrentlyDown.



The site is simple, allowing you to perform status checks on any website. Just copy/paste the URL into their search bar and the CurrentlyDown website monitoring tool will let you know right away if there’s an issue with that website.


It’s also a great resource for, say, tech reporters who are interested in informing the public about exactly what happened when one of the bigger sites goes down. For example, during last week’s Facebook outage, I saw post after post on Twitter gleefully clapping its hands over how much money Facebook was losing each minute the site was displaying a 404 error code. A site like this provides just the kind of exact data that people like me love to spread all over the internets for the greedy (read: bored) masses.


For startup founders, the site is also a great way to check on things when you own site is having technical difficulties or to monitor the competition’s status. It will also make you feel better when you realize that you’re super glad you’re not EZTV, which apparently had an almost 12 hour outage in the end of August. Ouch!


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Once you’ve searched for a URL, the site gives you a detailed breakdown of not only it’s outage history but also its performance. You’ve got response time, their availability history, a tracking summary of the past month, and a status history that updates multiple times every hour. Basically it’s all the monitoring info you could want.


So whether you’re a Facebook addict, a tech writer, or a website owner yourself, the simple interface and direct info provided by CurrentlyDown is a great resource to add to your arsenal of startup tools.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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