The Top 25 Most Innovative Companies Seeking Crowdfunding



Last month I filled you all in on a super cool contest called Crowd2Shelf being run by Fundable, our favorite crowdfunding company, and Staples. Long story short, thousands of companies who produce actual physical products are competing for the chance to sell their product in Staples stores, on, and through the Staples Brands Group product line.


Well folks, thanks to your votes and the hard work of each team, we’re now ready to announce the top 25 companies. From these 25, three final contestants will be judged by the number of votes they get, the success of their crowdfunding campaign, and recommendations from a panel of expert judges. The winner of it all will then be presented with the opportunity to pitch their company to the Staples team.


It’s kind of a big deal.


We want to offer a warm congratulations to the teams who have made it this far and we’ll continue to report on their progress as the contest continues.


And now, without further ado, the top 25 contestants to make it past the first round of the Fundable/Staples Crowd2Shelf contest are:

  • Eva (Wilmington, DE) – remote-controlled recessed LED lighting
  • nHand (Tulsa, OK) – secure tablet holder
  • SticknFind (Fort Lauderdale, FL) – bluetooth enabled stickers to track and monitor devices
  • HearNotes (San Francisco, CA) – the world’s first truly wirefree earbuds
  • NVBots (Cambridge, MA) – the world’s first automated 3D printer
  • Tempo by CarePredict (Fort Lauderdale, FL) – wearable device that tracks elderly health
  • Bindle (Foster, CA) – turns any surface into a digital whiteboard
  • Plum (Austin, TX) – wifi enabled lighting controlled via smartphone
  • Letterforms (Freemont, CA) – reusable dry erase notebooks
  • Garageio (Columbus, OH) – smartphone controlled garage opener
  • WigWag (Austin, TX) – cloud-powered home automation
  • Tarsier (Shoreview, MN) – gesture-controlled automated home entertainment
  • Owlet (Salt Lake City, Utah) – wearable smart sock to track infant vitals
  • The Plug Radio (Hollywood, CA) – outlet-mounted bluetooth music player
  • Helios (New York City, NY) – solar-powered, wifi-enabled bags
  • Hidden Radio (San Francisco, CA) – intuitive wireless speakers
  • Insight GPS Tags (Sunrise, FL) – indoor and outdoor tracking tags
  • SeeSpace inAiR (San Francisco, CA) – world’s first augmented tv experience
  • SOSCharger (Seattle, WA) – powerful, portable charger that can be used anywhere
  • Sun LifeLight (Beverly, MA) – light therapy lamps
  • PowerBee (Seattle, WA) – portable charger powered by renewable energy
  • Holdits (Boothwyn, PA) – efficient organizer
  • Soap (Monument, CO) – all-in-one wireless router
  • Jorno (Los Angeles, CA) – portable, foldable bluetooth keyboard
  • You-Noticed Bulletin Boards (Syracuse, NY) – versatile, stylish bulletin boards


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