Shake Out The Bugs With Crowdsourced Testing

There are thousands of startups with big dreams of becoming the next Instagram for this or the Uber of that. Those companies are awesome – I love seeing people reach for the stars and hold themselves to high expectations – and there’s a whole other category of companies cropping up to help them be the best they can possibly be.


One such company is Crowdsourced Testing, a software testing site with the sole purpose of helping websites figure out exactly where their bugs are so your developers can work them out.


Why do I care?

Maybe you already know that your site is being bogged down by invisible bugs, in which case I don’t need to convince you to enlist Crowdsourced Testing’s services. You can skip to the next section.


what they offer


If, however, you’re asking yourself why you’d need a service like this, consider the fact that you may be having issues that you don’t even know are there. Think of it like cancer: most people who have it don’t know until it’s terminal.


The bugs in your system may be invisible to you at the moment but the longer you let them work their way into the “body” of your site, the more likely it is that the treatment you give it isn’t going to work.


Got your attention now? Here’s what they offer:

They’ve got a veritable army of testers on hand, making your time zone and timeline irrelevant and allowing you to get your feedback whenever you need it. They also vet all of their testers, which means that the outside eyes looking at your site aren’t just a group of random people who are looking to make some extra cash; they’re a group of developers who are looking to make some extra cash.




One big thing that Crowdsourced Testing offers – and something you should be considering at all times – is testing across different platforms. You can have the most amazing website, but if it looks like shit on mobile, you’re screwed. The fact of the matter is that your customers are accessing your company through a wide range of avenues and you need to make sure you’re presenting it in its best light regardless of the platform.



Crowdsourced Testing offers an important service and their prices reflect that. If you just need your desktop website checked out, you can expect to pay $294 for a one-shot deal. On the higher end of the scale, Crowdsourced Testing will look at both your desktop and mobile websites for $735.



Crowdsourced Testing provides a team of expert testers who will go through your desktop or mobile website with a fine-tooth comb in order to shake out the bugs, giving your developers a clear focus for making your site the best it can be.


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