Crowdfunding Is A Jungle. With Crowdasaurus, Projects Get Funded Faster And More Often.

It’s probably happened to you by now. A friend introduces you to his latest crowdfunding project. He holds it out to you expectantly like a newborn bird chirping to be fed. Amazing. You want the bird to grow strong and soar. You smile and give your praise, maybe even pledge a few dollars – all the while thinking what a pity it’s going to starve.


Math isn’t my strength, but I count a lot of birds screeching for support from their crowdfunding perches. Your project needs to roar if you expect it announce itself and command attention amidst all the ruckus. You want to sound like the lone pterodactyl in a forest of finches. Enter Crowdasaurus.




Crowdasaurus is a crowdfunding website that offers a different kind of support ecosystem. Instead of individuals posting projects and then relying on their own social network (or chance) to attract believers, Crowdasaurus pairs individuals with host corporations, nonprofits, and other institutions and individuals in order to increase the likelihood of success. The website treats project more like digital marketing content and less like fast-hatched plans.


Perhaps named as a talisman against extinction, Crowdasaurus breathes new life into the crowdfunding model. By joining forces initially, project creators gain access to a much larger network of potential supporters than they are likely to have on their own. Crowdfunding is an excellent way to fund a project if you already have a well established support system. Otherwise, the odds are slim that project creators will reach their funding goals. No crowd, no funding. Crowdasaurus supplies the crowd.



Another conundrum of existing crowdfunding platforms is that they place enormous pressure on individuals to sell themselves when a lack of such skills usually contributes to them seeking a crowdfunding platform in the first place. Shoddy explainer videos, unrealistic goals, rewards pitched without seduction – these doom otherwise sound projects. Attached to an organization, project creators have the professional expertise and business mentality of the host at their disposal to coax their campaign into a more winning product.


Hosts win in this new formula too. They stand to grow their community of partners. Collaborations make for great PR, open new channels to drive web traffic, and engage new customers, and of course companies also stand to make more money by backing products and services that they believe in.




Founder and President Josh Lucas has a background in education, media, and startups. Crowdasaurus, still in beta, will target regional companies, looking to grow local support systems. Projects also stay open for longer periods of time, allowing ideas that take a little longer to catch fire their due shot at coming to fruition.


Crowdfunding has been such an energizing force for online communities, but will not remain so if projects continue to vanish at current high rates. Regardless if you’re a creator looking to improve the odds of funding your work or an organization intrigued by the white-label crowdfunding opportunities, give Crowdasaurus a look.


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