Make Sure Your Résumé Does Its Job And Gets You Hired

Crowd VitaeWriting out a résumé sucks. There’s no two ways around it: Getting all that damn formatting right, remembering all of your jobs, trying to come up with AWESOME ACTION WORDS to describe what was usually a mediocre job experience is just the worst. When you tack on the pressure of the fact that this stupid piece of paper is probably what’s going to determine whether or not you pay rent next month, résumé writing is enough to make anyone run screaming.


If you’re struggling over how to make your résumé the best it can possibly be, check out Crowd Vitae, a site that crowdsources feedback for your résumé. (See what they did with the name there? Very clever.)


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For people looking for help…

All you have to do is upload a résumé and watch the feedback come rolling in. If you want your résumé to get in front of even more eyes, give back to the community by giving feedback on other people’s CVs. Every time you complete a résumé review, you earn credits that can help boost your own resume front and center.


And if you’re just really good at reviewing résumés?

Starting in August, Crowd Vitae is going to offer payment for résumé reviews. While they’re not doing it yet, the site says that if you start reviewing résumés even before the payment program, that could qualify you to be a professional reviewer.


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Personally, I find that friend reach out to me all the time for help with things like résumés, probably because I’m a professional writer. While I’m more than happy to help out a friend for free, the idea of making a few extra bucks based on the skill set that I’ve built is definitely appealing.


So, whether you’re a jobseeker or broke writer like me, writing résumés doesn’t have to be the worst. Harness the power of the crowd to create résumés that get attention – and get you hired.


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