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The health of any business depends on asking a number of questions and gathering useful feedback – “What feature would you most like to see added to our product?”, “Did our customer service team resolve your issue promptly?”, “Does Mr. X manage effectively?” – unless of course you’re planning to hand deliver surveys, which means you’ll never hear back soon enough and will likely be filling out less pleasant paperwork in the near future.



6850650385_1d58aaf1d5_z is a service for creating and distributing online surveys and processing the results quickly. While many similar companies profess easy-to-use software, SurveyMoz truly achieves the simplicity others chase after. There’s no instillation required, over 100 survey templates to choose from, and sensible survey tools that allow someone without experience or limited web skills to find out what they need to know.


It’s All In The Asking

Users have the option of a Free Account or Premium Account. Both enable the production of an unlimited number of surveys. Those who choose to create online surveys for free may ask up to 20 questions per survey and collect 250 responses each month (SurveyMoz notes that members can receive far more responses than users with a comparable plan at SurveyMonkey). At $16 per month, premium account holders benefit from receiving many more responses as well as taking advantage of additional features such as customized thank you pages, the capability of respondents to attach files; enhanced branding, file sharing, and more.



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SurveyMoz’s various templates make it easy to create any kind of survey. Just some of the choices include the following:


  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys (customer service / product satisfaction)
  • Employee Exit Interviews
  • HR Company and Supervisor Evaluations
  • Market Research Surveys
  • Education Surveys (Course Evaluations and Graduation Exit)
  • Healthcare Review Surveys
  • Event Feedback



The software makes it easy to take advantage of the templates, create surveys from scratch, or reuse existing surveys. Ask questions in over 12 different ways so that respondents may answer by multiple choice, comment / essay box, ranking, or by using drop-down menus, just to name a few.


More advanced questionnaire givers may desire to customize surveys with logos and coloring, tailoring survey URLs, by randomizing questions, making some questions mandatory, altering question size and position, but SurveyMoz aims to always keep the process a matter of a few simple steps.



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Sending Surveys

Once surveys have been put together they’re ready to be distributed by direct link, email, and social media networks. Management tools track views and responses. There’s widespread consensus that survey participants feel more comfortable (and anonymous) answering questions online, thereby they are more likely to give more truthful and detailed information. So SurveyMoz is an inexpensive and efficient means to solicit critical feedback.


Receive More Precise Data With Greater Ease

SurveyMoz gives businesses automatic analysis of data in real-time. Users have comprehensive reports or can choose to sift through results using a variety of filters. This means business owners may quickly locate specific data, break down information meaningfully, and rapidly implement changes based on findings. The options to share results, including exporting data directly into Excel, further facilitate making the best use of data.


With online survey software like SurveyMoz at your disposal to learn about how your business is actually working, the first question to ask is: “What are you waiting for?”


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