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Interview With Woodrow Bridges, Co-Founder Of Instant App Wizard – The Easiest Way To Create A Mobile App



“Really understand your market and anticipate what is coming down the road. One of my favorite quotes is when Wayne Gretzky was asked how he was able to become a leading scorer in the NHL. To this he answered, ‘I don’t go to where the puck is, I go where the puck is going to be.'”


Woodrow Bridges, Co-Founder of Instant App Wizard


Innovation is about the anticipation of what’s to come. Nowhere is this more evident than in Instant App Wizard, a website that has brought app creation to the masses. Founder Woodrow Bridges did an excellent job of anticipating the need for even the most local of businesses to create a mobile app to connect with his customers. With, Woodrow has made creating a mobile app easier than ever.


The idea that app creation is in the hands of a select few is becoming less and less true as evident in how simple Instant App Wizard makes it for customers to create a mobile app for their business no matter how big or small the business. With the ability to create apps for both Android and iPhone, users are guided through the app creation process through a browser based application that is easy to use and straightforward in its direction. Whether it’s the local bistro or the dry cleaners, Instant App Wizard’s approach is logical and practical.


The current features that can be integrated into an app are:

  • The ability to email a VIP list.
  • Send texts to any or all customers
  • Post to Twitter and Facebook
  • Send coupons to customers
  • Announce events through your app


After giving it a test run, I’m most impressed with how quickly one is able to build an app and have it up and running. It’s really that simple to use and even if you still have some doubts about how to go about it, they provide a number of really great YouTube videos explaining their app creation. In addition, they even provide a weekly seminar that you can connect to online to learn and ask questions. Talk about customer service!


We recently had a chance to talk to founder Woodrow Bridges about his entrepreneurial experience and how he came to launch Instant App Wizard. Here’s what he shared with us:





At what point did the two of you come up with the idea for Instant App Wizard and what were some of the first steps you took towards this end?

After extensive research on the emergence of mobile and what the projected growth rate would be for the sector we proceeded to draw up a business plan and software specs that would build on of the easiest to build and sell mobile web app building platform on the market. Judging from the feedback of our resellers and retail clients we think we have far exceeded our expectations.


How has your previous business experience shaped your current approach with Instant App Wizard?

We developed the platform around the needs in the market. Our experience creating software for hundreds of thousands of users over the years allows us a unique understanding of usability and quality standards.  We have created this platform to be easy to use while harnessing some extremely powerful tools.


What new lessons, particular to your experience with Instant App Wizard, have you learned about entrepreneurship?

Creating a brand new product of this scale takes a lot of dedication and patience. We have been lucky enough to have one of the best teams possible and we thrive due to the quality of folks on our team. In order to be a successful entrepreneur you need to surround yourself with positive and intelligent people who will help you grow. We are happy to have been successful so quickly.


We learned that in order to be competitive we would have to create a simple to use platform where anyone could build an app and have it live in 15 minutes or less. We realized we would need to build in a feature set that would appeal to 95% of small businesses.


We learned that offering an integrated marketing platform as well as a reputation management platform made our mobile app solution appealing to local businesses and easy for the persons with an entrepreneurial spirit to make huge profits with very little training. We even provide a 20 page mobile marketing plan to all our resellers that they can brand to their selves for their clients.





Can you tell me about the process of launching Instant App Wizard from when the idea was generated to live launch?

Upon extensive research we realized the average small business was going to need to get mobilized in the coming years in order to to engage their customers effectively. It was not so much of an idea more of creating a solution to fulfill a huge avalanche of demand and design our platform to scale accordingly.


Before launching to our resellers we developed Apps for local area business using the marketing materials we would later provide to our resellers to prefect the sales process before launching our reseller platform.


What obstacle did you not anticipate about launching Instant App Wizard?

Ironically the most unforeseen challenge was how hard it was to keep the design platform simple and still offer the robust feature set we new our clients and resellers would require. Simply said keeping it simple was harder than we anticipated.


What are some of the most important elements a founder should keep in mind when launching a startup?

Really understand your market and anticipate what is coming down the road. One of my favorite quotes is when Wayne Gretzky was asked how he was able to become a leading scorer in the NHL. To this he answered, “I don’t go to where the puck is, I go where the puck is going to be.” We think we are positioned in such a way to meet the future mobile needs of SMBs for years to come.





When you have time to step away from Instant App Wizard, how do you like to relax?

Relaxing with my kids and college football.


Are there any new developments with Instant App Wizard that you can share with our readers?

We are always improving the platform. Future improvements to our feature set include the ability for doctors, dentists and other professions that require appointments to have the ability to automate the appointment confirmation process.


We will also be incorporating contests and geo tagged loyalty rewards programs.


Is there anything else about yourself or Instant App Wizard that you’d like to share?

1 in 5 businesses are going to get mobilized this year and there are not enough individuals to provide these services to them. This creates a HUGE Opportunity for those willing to offer this in-demand service.


We offer the industry an unparalleled, complete turn- key business that offers you an easy-to-use platform and all the marketing materials you will need to run a successful mobile marketing business in no time.





How can our readers get in touch with you?

If anyone would like a copy of our quick start guide and the complete 20 page business plan our resellers offer their clients, please email us with subject the subject line: Business Plan, or call us at (855)330-2673.


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