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Make Sure Your Business Has More Leads And More Revenue With Cool Posts



It almost seems like a waste of breath to talk about the importance social media has on the success of your business. I mean, you should know this by now. But some people don’t, or, they don’t know where to start in harnessing the huge power of their social networks. Luckily, there’s Cool Mojito and their awesome new app CoolPosts that will help you with this daunting task.





More Leads, More Revenue

Two things your business can’t live without, right? So, how does CoolPosts help your business generate more leads and more revenue? Not to mention, more traffic and more Facebook likes? Well, it starts with your Facebook feeds. Did you know that 95% of activity happens on Facebook’s timeline and news feeds?  That’s huge.





So, CoolPosts has created a way for your business to focus its marketing efforts in these important areas by allowing users to engage with your business’s campaign directly from their feeds. You get their name, email, and uploaded content without them ever having to leave the feed. This creates a leads funnel for you and closes more sales. Win, win.

Sweepstakes and Contests

CoolPosts will also help you engage with your fans through sweepstakes and contests. Again, users don’t have to leave their news feed to click on your business’s contest or sweepstakes, so you’re much more likely to get user info (which you are able to customize) and attention. CoolPosts offers an automated system that automatically collects user’s data to add to your CRM or SalesForce. And hey, who doesn’t like to win contests?





Free Downloads

Another fun fact is that users are more likely to respond to a free download offer than, say, a webinar. CoolPosts allows your Facebook friends and fans to download your product, where it be your music, ebook, pdf, etc. CoolPosts even has templates so you can create your offer online. Once fans have downloaded your product, there’s a greater chance they’ll turn into a lead. And, that means cash.


Looking for Employees?

CoolPosts can help you with that too. Many jobs are filled through friend recommendations, so why not professionally post your job or recruitment offer through CoolPosts and straight onto your Facebook friend’s news feed? Collect all the pertinent data of potential candidates and find the right person to hire.


The Man Behind The App

Founder Rohan Hall is a serial entrepreneur with some serious credentials. As the author of Stop Working, a book to help guide business owners to use technology to generate revenue, Rohan created Cool Mojito to help companies build their fan base on Facebook. Now, with CoolPosts he hopes to make user engagement with your product even more interactive and profitable:


“No one has figured out how to monetize Facebook. We believe that we’ve solved this problem by allowing more engagement, interactivity, and revenue opportunity by giving brands direct access to the News Feeds with CoolPosts.



Founder Rohan Hall



Direct Posts = More Customers

The bottom line: Cool Mojito has once again helped our social media game with their new app Cool Posts. The app has the potential to change the way people use Facebook by allowing users to interact with brands straight from their news feed without having to visit fan pages.


Start your free trial here, and reach more potential leads through direct engagement on Facebook feeds, which, let’s be honest, we’re all addicted to. More engagement with your product means more leads and more traffic and, you guessed it, more revenue. Your business can’t afford to miss out.


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Author : Holly Hutton

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