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ConvExtra – Web Data Extraction Tool



Anyone care to guess how much information is available online? Yeah, good luck with that. While you were formulating an answer, more data was added than you could ever hope to keep pace with. Finding and then making use of the right info often feels like a hopeless task. To extract valuable information, you require powerful tools. Tools like ConvExtra.


ConvExtra is a SaaS tool that extracts data from websites and then structures it in a useful manner. This tool automates the process of web data extraction. Does that introduction leave you scratching your head? Much like a good joke, or the feeling a song creates, some things are better experienced than explained. Watch the video below to see ConvExtra in action:





Like baking, handling information online is a matter of having the right proportion of ingredients – both art and science. ConvExtra recognizes data structures in a web page and retrieves them in a more digestible form. With only a few clicks, users can extract the desired flavors of data – e.g. from a news feed, a catalog, or online store. Easily extract large amounts of paginated data for later use without leaving your source page.





Still sound a bit technical, like the work of an orthodontic surgeon? (Brace yourself if you go on an advanced photo search on Flickr using “extract.”) Well, it is. And most of us lack that sort of training and expertise. For these reasons, the work done by ConvExtra is done automatically. Add ConvExtra via a bookmarklet plugin, and collecting and ordering information takes but a few mere clicks.





ConvExtra formats and structures data so that it’s easier to process further – to make price comparisons, product comparisons, or to analyze data over time, to name just a few uses. Aggregate data from as many sources as you like. A subscription allows users to receive updates and notifications about both ConvExtra and the data you’ve extracted. For instance, you might receive an alert to a sale announcement regarding different tablets you were researching earlier.


While doing a lot of freelance work, CEO and Co-founder Anton Napolsky recognized a huge number of clients making requests related to parsing data. Inspiration to build his own startup quickly took hold. To make this complex SaaS wizardry available to others, the 24-year-old graduate (master of information technology) from the University of St. Petersburg State University teamed with Maxim Nosov and Eugeny Medvednikov. The trio bootstrapped development for a year and a half prior to launching a month ago.





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