Planning Your Next Viral Hit: Content Marketing Analytics By Levisto

Highway traffic viewed from an overpass looks pretty ordinary – just a lot of vehicles passing by. Now, imagine being able to see inside of every car – people singing, eating, talking, cursing other drivers, trying to get to work, trying to escape on vacation. There’s a much more complicated and fascinating universe in motion just beneath the surface.


Likewise, useful content marketing analytics doesn’t just record traffic numbers but gives a view into activity that both enables content creators to keep their followers interested and allows strategists to push user engagement.


It’s Not So Much the Traffic as it is the Traction

Levisto is a content marketing analytics application newly released in beta that tracks meaningful data and empowers inbound marketing experts to view and make use of key performance indicators (KPIs) in one central location. Currently focused on WordPress blogs, Levisto helps content creators and marketers understand more about the life of content.






While other tools such as Google Analytics excel at providing website owners with data concerning traffic and trends – answering questions about where website traffic comes from and what people do once they are on a site – this tool focuses on understanding user engagement and how content relates to content marketing strategy. Levisto tracks how many comments a blog post has earned, how it’s being shared on social media sites such as Facebook, what day of the week has produced the best results for loading a new post, and more.


Meaningful Metrics

Paying attention to social shares makes it possible to learn what the audience is most excited about and then provide future content of even greater interest. Discovering what content the biggest social influencers share most frequently increases the odds of orchestrating more viral posts.






If a site features multiple authors, Levisto shows whose work performs the best. Knowing how well each piece of content (and each writer) is fitting in with marketing goals equips astute marketers with the tools to plan future posts so that they generate the most attention possible. Traffic insights lead to creating more effective content and to expanding user engagement.


A simple dashboard organizes metrics in one convenient location that is easy to read. This allows users to access information quickly and devote saved energy to implementing improvements. Sign up for free account while Levisto is still in beta. Download the application’s plugin and install it into WordPress to begin tapping into actionable insights.


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