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Aedle Is One Of The Consumer Electronics Show Startups To Watch



The Consumer Electronics Show, better-known as CES, is upon us, and we are all waiting to see who the big winners are going to be. Two weeks ago I found this new audio company Aedle, that have just created a pair of luxury audio headphones to die for! Then yesterday I read an article by, which featured “5 Tech Startups Worth Watching at CES 2013”, and what do you know, Aedle made the top 5 tech startups to watch at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. So yesterday, I caught up with Raphael Lebas, one of the founders of Aedle, and asked him a few questions about their new masterpiece!
Aedle VK-1 Classic



These days founders Raphael Lebas and Baptiste Sancho say they are loving what they do and seem to be riding the high of their first startup. When asked what inspired the creation of Aedle, Raphael said, “We were attracted by entrepreneurship, adventure and product development. Developing a product is a great challenge because it s concrete, it s something that has a weight, that you can grasp with all your senses. Our job was to give talented individuals our passion for headphones.”


With the many headphones that are now on the market, and the new ones hoping to make a big splash at the Consumer Electronics Show, I asked Raphael what he thought separated Aedle from Beats. “Beats have their own way and they are excellent at it. We are complimentary, they offer explosive sometimes bass amplified sound, we offer high performance balanced sound. They are a cool pair of sneakers of headphones, we are a handcrafted pair of leather shoes (the VK-1 are hand assembled in Brittany, France).”


Aedle VK-1 Headphones Presentation


Taking on industry giants and promising new comers is not an easy feat, but with $200,000 Euros in funding (over $260,000 US) and a brilliantly assembled team, Aedle seems to have found a luxury niche in the market that they’re primed to dominate.


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Author : Eric Strait

Eric Strait is a former high school teacher and coach, who decided to embrace his inner entrepreneurial spirit. Since leaving his career in education in 2008, he has gone on to become a serial entrepreneur & has founded the startups SX Perks, Tech Hustlers, & Startupdelight which was acquired in October 2011.

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