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The Beefiest Subscription Service For All Of You Meat Lovers

One of the first times I quit smoking, I started eating beef jerky instead. There was just something so satisfying about biting into that tough, salty meat and chewing away. My dad – always happy to help when I decided to kick a bad habit – sent a giant box of Rosie’s Beef Jerky from Vermont to my Hudson Valley college.



I went through the whole thing in just a couple of weeks.


Now, obviously, most people don’t eat beef jerky to help them drop the cancer sticks but most people definitely do eat it for the same reason I was drawn to it – it’s delicious. I’m not talking about Slim Jims, either, those squishy tubes of over-processed meat marauding as jerky. I’m talking about real, down home, marinated and dehydrated meat.



club jerky



If that’s the kind of snack you love, it’s time to sign up for Club Jerky. While other subscription services may send you beauty products or underwear, Club Jerky sends delicious artisanal beef jerky right to your home or office. They offer several different memberships, based on just how much jerky you’re planning on eating.


Club Jerky Memberships:

The Club Jerky Signature Membership – Monthly Featured 8 oz. Craft Jerky

For $29 a month, Club Jerky will send you half a pound of the finest locally made jerky they have to offer.


Club_Jerky - Signature Membership with Box - Cropped


The Club Jerky Enterprise Subscription – 4 oz per week

For $80 a month, you’ll get 4 oz per week of delicious jerky and the story of what it is and how it was made. After one month’s rotation, you’ll get a brand new jerky, which is great for offices that are full of jerky lovers.


The Club Jerky Enterprise Subscription – 8 oz per week

If you just can’t get enough of that salty deliciousness, the 8 oz subscription will put you back $125 a month – and remember, 8 oz is equal to half a pound. Just like the 4 oz subscription, 8 ouncers will receive a month’s worth of jerky, once a month, with a new variety the following month. Oh yeah, and you’ll also get free shipping.


The Club Jerky Enterprise Subscription – 1 lb per week

If you go for this option, you’re either on very serious paleo diet or your office just really loves jerky. For $250 a month, you’ll get a full pound of beef jerky every week and new type of jerky each month.


A Club Jerky subscription is an excellent option for any startup that’s trying to build company culture and employee moral. Their product is high quality, their packaging is cute, and who doesn’t love getting a weekly delivery of yum?


The Club Jerky Store

club jerky store


Need a one-time jerky fix? The Club Jerky Store offers individual bags of quality craft jerky that has previously been featured in their membership club.


With three different Gift Box sizes and 3-Month Gift Memberships, Club Jerky also makes a great gift for that hard-to-buy-for meat lover in your life or even just a nice treat for yourself.


At, the best jerky around is just a click away.


And for the record: I’m not a smoker anymore.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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