Bootstrapping? Here’s One Site That Could Save You Hundreds Of Dollars

490552618_624ae275a3_mBootstrapping seems to be the preferred way for most startups to get their ideas developed and their feet on the ground. It makes sense – you can’t spend much money when you’re not making money. We all learn to cut corners, do without, and work crazy @#%@ hours so we don’t have to hire out in order to make our startup dreams come true.



Here at KillerStartups, we’re all about helping founders figure out the best way to bootstrap without sacrificing quality. Sometimes that means recommending the best new time saving apps out there, sometimes it means giving you all of our best productivity tips, and sometimes – like today – it’s just straight up about saving the Benjamins.


Well.. Maybe more like the Hamiltons.

Founders often describe their startup as their “baby” and, like a baby, startups need stuff. You need the basic site, obviously, but you’re also going to need customer service, an explainer video, a good designer, a great coder… The list goes on and on.


The problem for those of us who are bootstrapping is that none of those things are free and, if you’re going to do it right, most of them aren’t even inexpensive. Watching the bank account dwindle and wondering if you’re going to be kicked out of your apartment/have to go back to the 9-5/going to end up divorced because of everything you’re sacrificing is without a doubt the most terrifying part of launching a startup.




But don’t despair! We’ve got deals for you.

Cloudswave is like a coupon site, but instead of discounted groceries, you’ll get deals on all of your startup essentials. Want to finally make that animated explainer video? Check out this 30% off discount from GoAnimate. Not quite at the point where you can hire a full time designer but need to spruce up your site? Cloudswave has a 40% off discount on WordPress themes from Themify.


I could keep on listing them any, many money saving discounts you can find on Cloudswave but that would be boring. Instead, just make sure that the next time you find yourself pondering how, exactly, you’re going to stay under budget this month. Don’t forget: Every little bit counts.


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