ChickRx – Harvard Alumnae Who Are Making You Happy Healthy And Hot

OK, I know this is a lady cliché, but Sex and the City is one of my favorite shows. It’s brilliant. And, it actually is relatable: women getting together, talking about sex, relationships, weight, and health in general. In fact, my girlfriends tend to act as my doctors– they’re my free healthcare if you will. It’s good to get their advice, opinion and stories on similar health-related topics and assess. Google and WebMD, though great resources, don’t compare to talking to my women peers about these things.


And that’s exactly why Meghan Muntean and Stacey Borden, both Harvard Business School alumnae, have created ChickRx, the site where women can share, discuss and get expert advice on all their personal health needs.


The two sat down with’s Meredith Lepore to talk about the award-winning health startup and how it’s changing the boring and sterile online health market. Here are some takeaways from the interview that are sure to inspire startup newbies and health-curious ladies (and maybe men?).


Startup Vitals

ChickRx has turned their quirky, hip  health editorial content site into a customized platform for users to ask questions and get advice from experts and fellow peers. It’s geared towards 18-40 year olds, and it’s focused on user privacy; women can share their question with the community or ask the experts in confidence. Topics on the site include:



The expert directory is huge (and dominated by females, naturally) and includes sex coaches, nurses, dietitians, dermatologist, fitness experts, and many, many more. They’re answering questions ranging from, “How do I treat blackheads?” to “Why am I only attracted to emotionally unavailable guys?”


Thanks to Meghan and Stacey’s emphasis on putting together a strong tech team, the site is really easy to use and easy on the eyes. And, the content is fun, relatable and fresh. I’m actually having trouble writing this article—I can’t stop exploring the site.


Right, Holly focus. OK, so what were the biggest startup challenges for the founders when launching the site?


They said they welcomed the challenges (that most startups face) of:

 And, what does the future look like for the company?

Meghan and Stacey hope to create the definitive women’s health and wellness site for women to go and find advice on “how to live healthier, happier and/or hotter”. They are also moving into the e-commerce market, offering expert recommendations on products customized for user’s needs.


The site is seriously awesome. It reminds me of the Cosmo’s Q&A section, which, as we all know, is the best section of the magazine. The topics are relevant and the advice from the experts is great. And the content is fun and easy to read. I highly recommend becoming part of the community so you can finally find out what that rash really is and why your boyfriend yells his mom’s name during sex. Wait, what?


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