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Cargito Is An iPad Case And Wallet Rolled Into One [Pick Of The Crowd]

Startup founders are not known for style. More likely to be spotted rocking a hoodie and jeans with some fugly mom sneakers (I’m looking at you, 90% of the developers I know), this is one industry that generally couldn’t care less about fashion.



Or, maybe I should say it’s an industry that is starting to care about fashion, a trend which can be seen with products like Cargito, this week’s Pick of the Crowd.


The team behind Cargito are no strangers to making techies more fashionable.

Under the name This is Ground, they’ve previously launched the Cord Taco (which fashionably holds all your cords) and the Cordito (which does the same but in a leather “burrito” style wrap).


The Cargito takes the “what to do with all these electronics and oh my GOD I HATE CORDS” problem to the next level by providing you with a case that not only looks cool while holding all your stuff but also charges your iPad.


Sexy, stylish, cool.

Sorry vegans, but this case is made from 100% napa leather in your choice of “whiskey” (brown), “stormtrooper white,” blue, gold, or silver. It has room for either a stylus or a pen (but not both!), a pocket to slip your business cards/credit cards/ID and an enclosed battery that can take your dead iPad from 0 to 100% while your commuting, walking, shopping, whatever. It’s a charger, iPad case, and wallet, all in one.



cargito metallic



Oh and, obviously, there’s a sleeve for your iPad too and a little sewn in cord so you can connect seamlessly.


(Get it?)


Slip your iPad mini or iPad Air right into the sleeve, plug it in, and you’re good to go.


But what do I get if I donate?

This is a Kickstarter campaign, which you know means rewards. This is Ground is offering three wooden pencils that say “I HEART MY CORD TACOS,” “THIS IS GROUND, and “TACO TANGO” if you donate as little as four dollars. If you want to give them seven bucks or more, you get a snap cord taco in “Kickstarter Green,” made exclusively for this crowdfunding campaign.


The rewards get better and better as you lay down more and more cash, culminating in the “Ultimate Gear Suite,” which includes a Cargito, Zipanada, Leatherback Writer 2, and a cord suite, which comes out at a retail value of $375 and could be yours for a donation of $295 or more.



everything edit



Gotta love a discount.

So, This is Ground, I want to officially thank you for, a) helping me consolidate all my crap and, b) potentially making the startup world more stylish. Those are two noble missions you’ve taken on and I’d say you’ve succeed impressively.


And you, startup founders, go make a difference by donating some cash to these guys and getting a Cargito (or any of these other great products) for yourself. They’re simultaneously useful, functional, and stylish – which is more than I can say for your hoodie.


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