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By now we’ve all spent countless hours tweaking, updating and pimping our social media platforms. So, why would we separate all this hard work from our professional resumes? CareerCloud is asking the same question and doing something about it. The site is  hoping to make 2013 the year of the “social resume.” Here’s how.


Why CareerCloud?

The site believes that people should start tapping into the social media and mobile technologies when applying for jobs, by creating a way for people to promote themselves through their social media accounts. How? Through the introduction of “social resumes.”





What exactly is a Social Resume?

CareerCloud says, “Your paper resume says what you did. Your social resumes says WHO YOU ARE.” Social resumes are for job-seekers and professionals who are active on social media. CareerCloud wants to help you combine all your social media accounts in one place to make it sleek and simple for potential employers to check out all your social media awesomeness. According to CareerCloud, it’s a great way to “proactively promote yourself.” Check out the explainer video below:





How do you sign up?

Using your LinkedIn account, CareerCloud lets you sync your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), add your awesome skills, and then create a PDF with all the links to your accounts. Direct viewers to your resume, message and apply for your dream jobs. Here’s another explainer video that lays it all out for you:





7 Things You Can Do With Your Social Resume

To give you a better idea as to what you can do after you’ve created your social resume, the team over at CareerCloud has posted a helpful blog on the 7 things you can with your social resume, including:


  1. Use the URL on your email signature
  2. Print it as a PDF
  3. Share it on social media
  4. Send it to employers
  5. Embed it on your website or blog
  6. Check out your stats
  7. Put it on your paper resume




The Job Search Industry Experts

CareerCloud was founded by two job search industry vets including CEO and founder Chris Russell who started, sold it and turned his attention to social recruiting, and Shannon Scott – entrepreneur, Angel Investor and founder and CEO of and CEO of TaxBreak. Needless to say, these guys know their stuff, and CareerCloud was created out of some serious job search experience.

CareerCloud has declared 2013 the “Year of the Social Resume.” And, I think they’re on to something. Job-seekers are using online tools more than ever to find their jobs. This is just one more way to make yourself stand out amongst the millions of boring paper resumes out there. My suggestion? Check out CareerCloud, create your social resume and give yourself a better chance of landing your dream job.



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