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While these certainly are the most difficult economic times I’ve experienced in my lifetime, it’s refreshing to be involved in the startup world where I see self-starters consistently act on their creative and entrepreneurial desires to launch a business. Addressing real problems, I’m always pleasantly surprised at the ingenuity I come across.


With unemployment in the United States at an elevated level, there are so many qualified workers seeking employment. But how can you stand out from the crowd? Well, on a fundamental level, it’s important to spruce up your resume and cover letter. That’s where Career Igniter free resume builder comes in!





Career Igniter is a site that helps job seekers create their resume using their browser-based app. For Career Igniter users, it’s as simple as entering in information such as work experience, certifications, skills, work history, references, and contact information. Once the user has entered all of the necessary fields, then an option is given to choose among five resume templates (more will be added). These templates, filled with all of the user’s information, can then be downloaded to your computer. It’s that easy!


Users don’t even need to register with Career Igniter to use the free resume builder.


Not only does Career Igniter make updating your resume a simple process, but the site also contains a number of articles relevant to the job search landscape such as, “How Not To Start Your Cover Letter,” “How Far Back Should You Go On Your Resume,” and “How To Create A Professional Resume.” Actually, the site contains a number of useful articles, statistics, and pieces of advice about job hunting.


In addition, Career Igniter even allows users to search for jobs by zip code and keywords right through the site. Nice!





Overall, Career Igniter is cleanly designed and easy to use. The menu at the top of the page makes it easy to navigate to the “Resume Builder,” “Articles,” or “Job Search” areas. Each page within the site is also straightforward visually and without clutter, which is always a definite plus.


The area that I found the most useful, in addition to the resume builder, was the section containing articles. While reading the “How Not To Start Your Cover Letter” article, there were a number of useful pieces of advice regarding the cover letter. Avoiding clichés and making one’s cover letter more professional is essentially the gist of the article and I definitely agree that more job hunters should be aware of some of these very useful tips!


The job search function on Career Igniter also works very well in that it includes excellent results. I was a little worried that the job results displayed wouldn’t actually be good, but in fact from the zip code and key words I entered, the job results were really great.





Overall, Career Igniter is an excellent way to quickly rebuild your resume, get the latest advice, and actually find that dream job of yours through their search function!


Get rid of that crusty version of your resume you’ve been using for over four years now and get on Career Igniter to give it that much needed overhaul!


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