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Here’s A Whole New Way To Calq-ulate Your Analytics

Anyone who works online is chasing one common chimera: analytics. We need analytics to tell us what our customers like and dislike because, let’s be real, those bastards always lie (or just delete our emails) when we ask them directly.



Google Analytics is obviously the grand daddy of analytics but, like your grandfather, he’s getting old and a little clunky. Analyzing the analytics that Google provides is not a task that anyone looks forward to at the start of the day but, lucky for us, there are plenty of grandbaby analytics companies popping up these days that have much friendlier interfaces and even deeper analytics than the OG (Original Google) we’ve all come to love/hate. One such company is Calq, a new tool that provides advanced custom analytics for mobile and web applications.




Measure once, cut twice.

Oh wait, that’s about carpentry, not analytics. Calq is actually kind of the opposite of that old adage: they’re about measuring everything, all the time. Rather than focusing on page views, they believe that user actions will give you a better a understanding of what’s truly going on with your website.




What is a user action, you ask?

If your business is a coffee shop, you can stand behind the counter and observe everything a customer does, from the moment they push instead of pull on the door, to the awkward part while they’re trying to decide which coffee they want, to the order itself. If they walk out without ordering, you can see it.


If, however, your business is an online coffee retailer, you’ll never get the chance to observe all of those (you got it) user actions. Plenty of analytics tools will tell you if the customer has clicked onto your site, but what about after that? Where did they go next? What interested them? Did they try to purchase and were thwarted?




Calq tracks all of that data and more for you, serving it up in any form you want. Looking for the long view? They can get you years worth of perspective. More interested in what’s happening right now? They’ve got visualizations of real-time data.


Basically, Calq gives you all the information you need to be more like that coffee shop owner and less like that failed startup that used to share the coworking space with you. If you’re going to succeed, you have to know who your customer is and to truly know who your customer is, it’s time to drop OG off at the nursing home.


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Author : Emma McGowan

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