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Stock Your Water Garden With Koi Online At



Having spent quality time at a co-working space that has a Koi pond as part of a courtyard, which helps me return to the physical world (in its own weird, artificially natural way) after long stretches of ruminating on cloud storage and social media’s reach, I’ve often thought that it would be delightful to have a similar oasis at home. Taking into account the impressive array of products available at, I realize that the maintenance of those tranquil Koi is not a simple or inexpensive proposition.


CalPonds or California Ponds & Water Gardens is an online retailer for pond supplies and water garden products. A weekly shipment of goods direct from the manufacturer, translates into a well-stocked inventory and substantial customer savings. If you’re looking to sculpt your yard into an inviting retreat or design the lawn of your business, you’ll no doubt find what you desire at CalPonds for a reasonable price.





On E-commerce Pond

Crafting a zen yard or water garden requires a good deal of work and equipment. (I’ll be decompressing in my co-working space’s sanctuary for the foreseeable future.) CalPond’s catalog consists of more than 20, 000 items, which address a range of needs including the following and more:


  • Algae Control / Barley Products
  • Complete Pond Kits
  • Koi Fish Food
  • Pond Accessories
  • Pond Aeration / Lake Aeration
  • Pond Construction
  • Pond Filtration / Filter Media
  • Pond Lights / Outdoor Lighting
  • Pond Liner / Pond Sealants
  • Pond Maintenance
  • Pond Pumps (External)
  • Pond Pumps (Submersible)
  • Pond Vacuums
  • Pond Winterization
  • UV Sterilizers / UV Clarifiers
  • Water Treatments / Fish Health


Tending Garden

CalPonds started as a home garage venture for Joseph Augsburger in 2008. A passion for Koi ponds and water gardening helped him grow the company into six full-time employees. The company now has a retail affiliate showroom in Victorville, California, its own warehouse, an order processing center, and boasts record sales despite a sluggish economy.





The recent partnership with EBD Shops, aims to make CalPonds the one stop e-store for home and garden goods of all variety. Visitors hoping to create the über-backyard may also find discounted barbecue islands, outdoor kitchens, bamboo tiki bars, furniture and décor.


The Bootstrapping Augsburger’s diligent work has lead to partnerships with premium brands that attest to the quality of CalPond’s selection. One of only five OASE retailers in the US, an elite dealer of Laguna pond products, and a supplier of Dainichi Koi Food–CalPond’s serves as a sterling example of how to thrive in a niche market.


Valuing Customers

If you find the same product available for cheaper elsewhere, CalPonds has a 110% Best Price Guarantee. Upon verification, they’ll issue a refund of the price differential for purchases made through CalPonds and throw in a store credit of up to 10% toward future purchases. CalPonds partners with Bongo International to provide global shipping.


In addition to products for sale, has a small library of useful links related to Koi health, water garden and pond upkeep, product news and developments, as well as pond calculators.





Please keep in mind that just because it’s called a mobile platform, that doesn’t mean it will float in your meditation pool.


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