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The perfect cup of coffee is like a poem – compact, waking the senses, emotional, understood immediately, and somehow a different experience for everyone. We approach coffee almost religiously in our daily rituals. We describe its qualities with the same exuberance as wine connoisseurs. We debate the proper brewing techniques as though the fate of a grand engineering project were at stake. And we never ever get enough.


Wired to Stay Wired

To fuel our fanatic consumption of coffee, naturally, we ask technology to help us discover and enjoy the coffee that bests satisfies each individual’s tastes. Coffee subscription services have multiplied nearly as fast as the grinder’s blades can ready the beans. Recently joining the mix is Cafe Fanatic, a monthly subscription service that aims to find “the best coffee for you.”


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While many subscription services focus on offering curated beans or a direct line to beans from particular roasters, Cafe Fanatic hopes to match each coffee lover with beans best suited for each palate, based on the roasts and roasters that have been enjoyed in the past. Visitors first take a brief quiz that helps determine flavor and style preferences (spicy vs. sweet, dark roast vs. medium roast, etc.). Cafe Fanatic recommends beans based on the results.


Members can then select a 12oz bag to have delivered to their doorstep. Reviewing the coffee that arrives each month updates preferences. Ratings allow Cafe Fanatic to refine future recommendations. Members can stay with the beans that satisfy or continue exploring coffees that they are highly likely to enjoy. Both whole beans or ground beans are available for purchase.


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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Us a Match

Paying attention to the variety of coffee for sale and the different methods for preparation is a bit like journeying down Alice’s rabbit hole. New worlds open. Reality is turned on it’s head, and their is so much to learn. A Cafe Fanatic subscription is an easy way for consumers to navigate the options with a high probability of gratification. Of course, signing up with Cafe Fanatic can be as simple as enjoying great coffee. Or, it can be an adventure. You choose.


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As more and more roasters intensify competition, making beans available through subscription is a great way for a business to reach their target audience. As coffee consumers become more sophisticated in their expectations – source of the beans, style of roast, farming means used – the Cafe Fanatic model is a great way to pair customers with exactly the coffee they’ll most appreciate.


Headquartered in New Jersey, Cafe Fanatic features roasters from across the country. Recently added Stone Street Coffee Company, based in Brooklyn, New York, joins the likes of Slate Coffee from Seattle and Miami-based Panther Coffee. Keep up with newcomers by following Cafe Fanatic on Facebook, Twitter, and their blog. And happy brewing!


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