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BrandTurn Domain Marketplace – Buy A Domain And Logo Or Sell One



So you’ve got your business idea but you’ve yet to buy the domain and maybe you haven’t quite worked out a logo yet. Maybe the site isn’t totally up to snuff and you could really use some professional help making it the best it could be. (There’s a reason we hire graphic designers, right?) First step is buying the domain name but when you finally try to get it, surprise! Someone already owns it.


Or, on the other end, you’ve spent a bunch of time building up your site. You’ve got the logo, you’ve got the domain name, and you’ve got all the social media worked out. You’ve built up a decent reputation and sunk quite a bit of time into this brand, but you’ve pivoted and moved on to different things. You don’t want to just let all that work go to waste, do you? Of course you don’t; you’re a startup entrepreneur, which means you’re a born hustler.





So what should you do in either of these situations? Navigating the world of buying domain names can be a serious pain in the ass, so consider heading over to BrandTurn, an online marketplace where you can buy a domain and logo or sell one you’re ready to part with. The main concept of is to sell domains with logos. Logos help increase the impact of your domain.


Thousands of branded and catchy domains are parked for years in SEDO and other parking sites without being sold. Reasons they sit for so long include domain positioning, not enough exposure, and poor visual appeal. Say goodbye to all of those problems with


How it works for sellers

If you’ve already got your logo made and your site is good to go, all you have to do is create a login and submit your site for free. After that, it will be available for buyers to peruse and decide if they’re interested in buying.


If you’ve just got the domain name but haven’t done any work on it and want to give it a little extra something to help it sell, BrandTurn can sic their team of professional graphic designers on it. You can either give them the go-ahead to do what they want, or you can order a customized logo by sending them a little info about your brand and what you think it should look like.





Another fun little feature on BrandTurn are the visitor ratings. People browsing through the available domain names can rate yours, potentially increasing its value.


How it works for buyers

This part is much simpler. If you’re looking to buy a domain name, all you have to do is search through the categories on BrandTurn for the one that want. If you find what you’re looking for, make an offer through the site. The owner of your coveted domain name can check out your bid, decide if it’s good enough, and get in touch.





The man behind it all

Founder Prasanna has been working in the virtual world for over a decade, focusing on operations, web development, product and technology development, and the domain name industry. He’s taking all of the knowledge he’s gained over the years and focusing it on BrandTurn, so keep an eye on this new domain marketplace! Maybe you’ll find your next big moneymaker hiding on their site…


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