BrandShield: Finally Someone’s Got Your Brand’s Back

Branding takes up more time than any of us would like to admit. After countless hours of brainstorming on whiteboards and fighting with a designer to get that perfect typeface – you come out with a brand and it’s everywhere. T-shirts, stickers, blogs, Facebook, your mom’s car… your new baby finds itself plastered on every possible platform and surface.




You know where else your brand could be? On someone else’s website… making someone else money. It’s the business equivalent of kidnapping. Or maybe it’s closer to identity theft, up to you – either way it’s bad and it’s something that becomes more and more important to think about as you build your brand and company.



The best defense is a good offense. (Which works well because stealing my idea is kind of offensive…)

While you can’t totally prevent people from trying to steal your ideas, you CAN go on the offensive and monitor the internet for bad guys who are trying to rip you off. BrandShield is here to help you with that specific task. This new online brand monitoring and protection service is designed to help you identify, (and later bring to justice), sites that abuse, slander, or rip off the brand you put your blood, sweat, and tears into.


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Current resources are very expensive and time consuming. It takes considerable manpower to monitor copyright infringement online and it’s even more expensive to acquire a legal team capable of holding these scumbags accountable. One of the reasons this process is so expensive is the fact that it usually takes a bunch of people to get the job done. Obviously a technology-based solution (vs a human-powered one) will be much more cost effective.


Technology saves the day

BrandShield protects its users with patent pending technology that detects, measures, and analyzes potential threats to brands. The service essentially scans and monitors the internet looking for websites which claim to be associated with your brand.


BrandShield helps protect brands by:

  • Scanning and monitoring the web for brand abuse
  • Collecting and measuring data from these shady websites
  • Analyzing and quantifying the potential risk associated with each threat


BrandShield’s algorithm helps to identify and quantify risk while adjusting to your preferences and patterns. Tailoring the results to each user’s unique set of needs allows for prioritization and focus on the biggest threats.


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Once threats are identified, the Cease and Desist module can be used to send customizable C&D notifications en masse. They also have a module which helps anonymously negotiate terms and acquisitions for domain ownership.


Screenshot at Feb 27 09-20-28As an added bonus, BrandShield also helps their users stay informed about available domains which could potentially be a good fit for their specific brands. BrandShield then uses sophisticated keyword analysis and other advanced analytics to identify which of those available domains have the highest potential for profit.



BrandShield’s brand management software and tools are going to become even more relevant (and necessary) as the internet continues to expand. If you’d like to stay ahead of the brand monitoring and management curve, check them out at now.


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