Learning Management Has A New Valedictorian

When it comes to E-learning, no company does their homework more diligently than BrainCert. Always studying, always keeping up with the latest trends and needs in online education, BrainCert’s software equips students, teachers, and administrators with all the tools required to power online learning.


Passing Tests with Flying Colors

BrainCert’s latest product is their Enterprise LMS (Learning Management System). This SaaS solution allows organizations to operate a custom learning portal with ease.


Cloud-based management and hosting enable organizations to deliver secure content anywhere quickly.  White label branding permits companies or institutions to make each LMS their own – web pages, domain, look and feel, virtual classrooms. A simple user interface turns what sounds like a monumental undertaking into a painless and fast process. Launch a custom, branded LMS in under 30 seconds.






BrainCert’s Enterprise LMS serves students, employees, and customers alike. Role-based access lets everyone focus on relevant data while also facilitating collaboration. The software simplifies running practically any kind of training program.


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Straight A’s

What makes BrainCert so smart is its comprehensiveness – providing all the components for a successful E-learning platform and LMS. The company helps build and conduct virtual classrooms. It makes handling a variety of courseware (DOC, PPT, PDF, HTML, videos, etc.) uncomplicated. From testing to managing content to carrying out online courses or virtual classrooms, BrainCert covers everything.






Organizations can sell classes and process payments online through PayPal or Stripe. White label whiteboards help teachers give lessons. 24/7 access in a preferred browser affords students greater flexibility to schedule studies – with the recent edition of the Enterprise LMS, it’s possible to recreate an entire university system online using BrainCert software.


What to Expect on the Next Pop Quiz

Enterprise plans begin at $59 per month, accommodating up to 25 active users. Prices increase according to the number of active users. All plans support unlimited tests, courses, live classes, and storage. Find more pricing information here.





BrainCert introduced its E-learning platform technology in 2000. The company has since  developed tools for instructors and organizations to publish content, hold conferences and seminars, as well as organize and give classes much like in traditional classrooms. Relaunched in 2013, the BrainCert platform excels at delivering both custom and cost-effective online learning programs.


All paid plans include a free 30-day trial. Visit braincert.com to learn more about how your organization can implement a private LMS today. Find BrainCert on Facebook and Twitter for extra credits.


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