Get All That Bragging And Moaning Off Of Facebook

Nothing is more annoying than that one friend on Facebook who does not nothing but complain except, maybe the one who does nothing but brag. However, we all have the impulse to either moan or gleefully shout on social media sometimes – it’s totally normal.


In those moments, instead of subjecting your Facebook friends or all of Twitter to your thoughts, why not turn to Brag n Vent? A new network created especially for those two actions, Brag n Vent is a great space to let it all out.





Unlike Facebook (which we all know at this point is forever), Brag n Vent is following the current trend of temporary online experiences by letting you share your thoughts and then automatically deleting them after ten days. It’s also totally anonymous, which means you can share everything from the good to the really bad.


The app also utilizes hashtags, which means users can explore the community and find users with similar interests (or dislikes) to them. Search for #hawaii when you’re looking for great places to vacation, #foodporn for the foodies, or #vintage for all of you retro-clothing lovers out there.




Brag n Vent is currently partnering with PAWS NY, an organization that supports connecting vulnerable animals with vulnerable New York City residents. They’ve even created a hashtag – #PAWSNY – that pet lovers can use to show off their pets while simultaneously showing support for the organization. It’s also great for folks who just want to look at pictures of adorable animals which is, basically, everyone.


And, of course, Brag n Vent saves the rest of us from the constant barrage of bragging or venting that Facebook can sometimes be. Personally, I think the idea of a social network that’s specifically dedicated to that behavior is a great idea. Like I said, it’s totally normal but what a great idea to have a space where you know that’s what’s going on.


Photo Credits | Garry Knight

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