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BluffBust Is The Social Lie Detector Game That’s Totally Addicting



So you think you can detect a lie when someone is telling a bogus story? Really? Would you put that to the test? If you would, then you should probably check out BluffBust, the social game that improves your lie detecting skills. Be warned though, it’s kind of addicting.



So I have this crazy scar

I watched the first three videos on the BluffBust, and I could have watched more, except, well, I had to write this article. Anyway, it turns out I’m not as good as I thought at detecting lies. BluffBust hopes to help gullible folks like me by fine-tuning your bluff-busting skills through social gaming. What do you think, do you think this Harry Potter dude has a scar under his hair? You’ll have to check out BluffBust for the answer.





So here’s how it works…


Game Types

BluffBust has two types of games:


  1. Truth or Lie – Pretty simple. You watch the video and judge whether the person is lying or telling the truth. Click on either truth or lie and go to the next video to see if you nailed it.
  2. 2 Truths and a Lie – This type of video show the person telling three stories: two are true; one is a lie. Click on the story button you think is a lie and find out if you’re right.





The more you get right the higher you score (duh) the more BluffBust coins you earn and the quicker you rise on the leaderboard, becoming a super bluff buster.


Upload a Game

If you watch the videos and think, “Man, I can bluff so much better,” or “Dude, I have so many outrageous stories that no one will think are true,” well then, you can upload your stories and become part of the bluffer/truth-teller videos.


Go to the site, click upload on the top right of the screen and choose which type of game you want to upload. You can then view the voting results to see how other people faired.


Feedback and Percept-o-Meters

Players of the BluffBust lie detector game can leave their comments and award story badges. The game also has percept-o-meters that show what people think when you tell the truth or when you’re big old liar, but only uploaders gain access to this special feature. Both feedback and percept-o-meters will help you fine-tune your social skills and be a better bluffer.





BluffBust is a new, fun way to test your lie-detecting skills or upload your own stories to fool other players. Earn BluffBust coins, collect videos, share with friends and have fun. Personally, I don’t like having fun; in fact I rarely socialize with others or go out at all. Yeah, this is where you would click lie.


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Author : Holly Hutton

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