This Is The Blogging Tool To End All Blogging Tools

Guys, I have a confession to make: I’m in love. I’ve found my missing puzzle piece, my support, the thing that makes my life worth living.


It’s name… is Blogo.

I’ve been blogging professionally for three and half years now and in that time I’ve used a multitude of platforms: Tumblr, WordPress, custom-built ones for some of the bigger sites. Nothing has ever been painless and none of them can even tip a hat to Blogo.


WordPress is the go-to for most blogs these days but let’s face it: WordPress sucks. While they’ve made things minutely better with each update, it’s still behemoth lumbering giant. Nothing is intuitive, the learning curve is stupidly high, and all of the plugins people have created as workarounds should be evidence enough that WordPress is the evil we all tolerate because there’s nothing better.


Well, there wasn’t anything better but now there truly is.

An app for your Mac, Blogo lets you edit posts from all your blogs (great for people with multiple sites, like me) directly from your desktop.You can toggle between different blogs without signing in and out and – this is huge – enjoy the exact same interface no matter what blog you’re working with.




The interface is minimalist without skimping and it’s also super intuitive. You can drag and drop your images and do basic edits like size and filters in the app, which saves multiple steps in the media formatting process.


When you double click on a word or passage, Blogo also immediately pops up with a little sidebar that lets you link, change headings, create quotes, add bullets, do strikethroughs, and change the font. It’s amazing how much time is cut out of formatting when something as simple as having to move your mouse up the screen to the sidebar is cut out of the process.




As for categories and tags, just type them into the bar at the bottom. Use hashtags for tags and separate each one with a comma and, voila! You’re good to go.


The last awesome feature is the ability to format blog posts and save them to Evernote. This means that you can now do the majority of your work even when traveling and upload it to your blog when you have wifi again. Ultimate digital nomad tool? I’m gonna go with “Yes!”


It does still have a couple of kinks to work out…

Like the fact that I still have to go into WordPress to finish all of my SEO and the fact that sometimes my spacing gets messed up when I migrate a post. However, I submitted both of those issues to Blogo’s tech support and got responses within the hour both on Twitter and in my email. I didn’t even give them my Twitter handle! That’s dedication to customer service and a sign that, unlike WordPress, Blogo is a company dedicated to innovation and an amazing customer experience.


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